Zonzini: the transport revolution


The core business of many companies is the transport of goods and heavy loads, from one place to another and above all from one floor to another: it is for this type of necessity that Zonzini, a well-known company in the sector, is studying new solutions every day, to facilitate work for those who need to transport loads on stairs and has not yet found the appropriate equipment.

The transport of heavy loads must be done with competence and with the right tools: what are the main reasons why the difficulty of transporting ladders should not be underestimated?

A first important reason is to guarantee the safety of the operator: with a professional motorized stair climbing dolly, only one operator will be sufficient to support the load, without incurring the risk of making excessive efforts or getting hurt.

Another very important reason is to pay proper attention to the floors and steps to climb / descend. If you try to drag a refrigerator or a washing machine, the result will certainly a damage the flooring, such as dents and scratches on the stairs. With an electric stair climber, you will not run this risk, because the weight will be moved electrically, without effort and will be equally distributed over the entire load base.

Finally, the cargo transported will not be damaged: in addition to the safety of the personnel, to the attention to the floor, the load must be treated with care, avoiding damaging it.

There are many reasons that lead us to discover the usefulness of the advanced electric stair climbers designed by Zonzini: one of the most innovative on the market is DOMINO AUTOMATIC completely electric, maneuverable with an intuitive joystick. Thanks to DOMINO AUTOMATIC you will be able to transport up to 400 kg in one time, depending on the model. A real revolution in the transport world. Thanks to the vertical position of the load, there will be no need for excessive maneuvering space and you will also be able to get on and off the helical stairs.

Another highly innovative stair climber is Buddy Lift, capable of transporting light to medium loads: bringing the appliances upstairs will no longer be a problem, especially thanks to its ability to raise the load, a fundamental characteristic especially for the transport of bulky goods.

Several models, highly customizable to meet the different needs of everyone: because Zonzini aims to try to solve the various problems through a constant investment in research and development. Zonzini is a brand of security and reliability that distributes its products in over 40 countries worldwide. Innovation and attention to customer needs are the strengths of this company.