Why Leadership Expeditions Are Preferable To Attending A Seminar


Think outside the box in order to become a better leader, which is a skill that comes more naturally to company managers that most people.

Companies offering expeditions are preferable to companies that deliver seminars.

Why are leadership expeditions so much better than seminars?

  • Expeditions require leaders to think on their feet – this is something that seminars lack.
  • Being in the great outdoors gets the adrenaline pumping, which improves brain function – group exercises during seminar workshops pale in comparison.
  • Leaders are in unfamiliar territory when they go on an expedition and must overcome physical obstacles – this is not the case during seminars.
  • Mistakes matter a lot more on mountaintops than they do in the comfortable offices where seminars are held. These mistakes allow leaders to modify their approach.

Overcoming Physical Obstacles Develops Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving is one of a company director’s main responsibilities. Everyone is looking up to them, and the final decision has a large impact.

Problem-solving skills will improve on a course that has been booked at theeverestacademy.com.au because people are walking through terrain that is filled with physical obstacles. Courage and critical thinking allow these obstacles to be overcome. Doing group work in an office does not offer the same level of physical challenges as the outdoor courses.

Expeditions Require Leaders To Think On Their Feet

Company directors must be able to focus on several tasks at once in order to be successful. Multitasking and making quick decisions is much more difficult in the wilds of Tasmania than in the cosy confines of a seminar building.

Dealing with wild animals and the unforgiving terrain is part of the outdoor course. The challenges that are faced during seminar group work do not match up.

Learn from the experience and then apply this new knowledge in the office every single day.

Getting Outdoors Allows Adrenaline To Flow

Sitting in a warm office listening to a seminar or doing some group work can be stultifying and makes the brain switch off. Information can enter one ear and then go out the other.

Getting outdoors allows adrenaline to flow, which makes people more alert. When endorphins are pumping through an expedition leader’s brain, they will excel themselves and remain resilient even when things are becoming tough.

Managers should recreate this feeling at work in order to optimise performance. Exercise is one way to achieve this.

Mistakes Are Costlier On Mountaintops Than In Seminar Rooms

Leaders have to minimise the number of mistakes that are made at work. Climbing a mountain will test a leader’s ability to make the correct judgement every step of the way. The consequences are costlier than mistakes made during leadership exercises at a seminar.

Ignore The Seminar And Choose The Great Outdoors

Don’t think about attending a seminar. Managers need to embrace their fears and choose a course in the great outdoors. The adrenaline rush and unfamiliar surroundings can have a positive impact on how someone behaves as a leader.