Which are the top 10 apps on Shopify


    Shopify is a web based app that lets e-tailers create their stores online. Being easy-to-use and by providing simplified solutions shopify has empowered over 5,00,000 stores. There are more than a million active users on Shopify and it has generated over $50 billion in sales. There is a wide range of free as well as premium apps and themes available on shopify that enable entrepreneurs to customize their e-commerce stores as per their business requirements and sell goods. Several other third party apps and plugins can also be used in conjunction with shopify. Shopify has been proven to be a great resource for e-commerce stores of all sizes. It solves the problem of having to buy a separate hosted solution or any other software that you would require for your e-shop. The prime advantage of shopify is that even users who do not have much of a technological know-how can use it easily. If you are just getting started with shopify here are the top 10 apps on this platform to help you in the process.


    Oberlo is a free app which also happens to be one of the top apps on Shopify. It has proven to be especially advantageous for drop shipping merchants. Oberlo comes with integrated shipping which helps you manage the entire supply chain. You can import products, track shipments and also get exclusive access to Oberlo marketplace which comes with a host of advantages.

    Recover Cart Pusher 

    Recover Cart Pusher is a unique app that sends push notifications for abandoned carts. The messages are sent through a web browser and helps build real-time connections with your customers. You don’t need to send an email whenever you have abandoned a cart which eliminates the risk of emails getting spam filtered. Websites can now become powerhouses for marketing and sales and get a higher click-through rate with the help of latest marketing automation tools and techniques.

    MailChimp for Shopify 

    Most of you are already familiar with Mailchimp. When you integrate it with Shopify, you can automatically add customers to your mailing list, run email campaigns based on their buying behavior which makes conversions all the more easy. 

    Plugin SEO

     As the name indicates, the app helps you improve your SEO. It is a SEO plug-in app which will suggest how you can optimize your webpage and make it better. It eliminates the need to spend on SEO by outsourcing it to an external agency. You can use this app on your own and master SEO techniques. It will also help you identify issues with your webpage and how to fix performance.


    An important metric that drives customers to make a purchase is product reviews. Yotpo is one such app and a free one at that, which helps users generates reviews which can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. It gives you the power of social proof helping you drive up sales.


    Kit can be the virtual assistant for your store and also your favorite employee. Simply put, Kit automates marketing. Whether it is about creating new campaigns or posting new content on social media, any marketing activity for that matter Kit has got your back and will help you drive sales by recommending and sending you reminders about all such marketing activities.


    This app relies on the fundamentals of motivational buying. Using this app you can quickly set up your own rewards, loyalty, and referral programs. It creates a fun way to engage the customers and motivate them into loyalty and buying.


    This unique app helps you make the most of your Instagram advertising. Basically it makes your Instagram feed shoppable by bridging the gap between your store and your Instagram account. Your Snapppt profile page will display images from your Instagram account and enable customers to be routed to your buying webpage creating a seamless experience.

    Sales Countdown Timer 

    Another popular app on Shopify that helps you get conversions is the Sales Countdown Timer which relies on human psychology where in people will pay attention to anything that gives them a sense of urgency. It makes buyers feel that this is the right time to make a purchase by showing them countdown timers on limited period offers like – only few left in stock or limited time price.

    Better Coupon Box

    This app helps you build email lists via pop-ups. It is a free app using which you will be able to offer special discounts to new subscribers and followers which acts like an incentive to make a buying decision.

    There are a lot more apps along different categories on Shopify which you can put to use as per your needs and boost your sales. Hopefully this list should be able to give you the jump start you are looking for. Happy Selling!