What You Should and Shouldn’t Do When Boxing up Items for Home Moving


Should you be about to be looking at moving of all of your household items and personal goods from one home to the next, keep in mind that it is going to be a big job, which will include many responsibilities, all which must be completed. And whilst some of them can be more arduous than some others, the task of packing is always the most renowned time-consumer of them all.


Nobody likes to make blunders, but when you consider all the time and effort that packing up takes, it’s not too surprising that blunders will occur and after all. We are only human! So as to assist your move with as much ease as can be, here are some packing blunders that most of us good people do when it’s time for moving.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Most people need a week or two or even longer to totally pack up all of our belongings and be ready. Do make certain to not leave things until the very last moment, as professional movers Arrowpak will be arriving at an already agreed on time and the very last thing you want them to be doing is having to hang around whilst you finish packing!

All in Order

Maybe the most difficult parts about packing is selecting when to begin. Maybe try to leave a box in each room and start to put things in that you will not be using until after the move. Or, if you want to pack smaller items first, or working from room to room, choose a date and time to help work out how long it’s going to take you to get all the jobs done.

Packing Tools

The job will get done so much faster with the use of the right packing tools. If you get short of boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, etc. it will slow you down, especially if it occurs close to moving day. Get good tools you will need and then things such as tape and a little bit more before you begin, just in case you run out.


You may require different sizes of boxes depending on what will be moved. Grab a few more than you think you might need just in case you run out.


Simply write down onto a sticker what has gone into which box and then put it on the box.  This will make opening them so much easier after the move. Having loads of boxes lying around your new home without any labels, is nobody’s idea of fun! That way you can get the movers to take them to the right room.

Anything Delicate

Another blunder that people who are moving often make is packing big items such as picture frames and mirrors into perfectly fitting boxes. Try giving the delicate items some breathing room with lots of packing to lessen the chance of any damage.

And here’s hoping that you get everything from the old to the new, and with the greatest of ease! PS – Try using a trustworthy, reliable and experienced service.