What to Consider When Searching for an Apartment Rental in NYC


Not only is the New York City home to some of the important businesses such as those on Broadway and Wall Street, it is also a place for some of the best schools in the country.

The promise of a new and prosperous life, combined with a high standard of living makes it both appealing and an extremely powerful city at the same time. Due to the enormity of its size, you are almost certain to find somewhere suited to your needs and desires. Here are tips on moving to New York.


The most significant factor people always consider before relocating is to get a place that is safe, near to school, shopping center and/or your working place.

Therefore, speaking to local agents will enable you to evaluate the local demand and you can get more information regarding the specific area. You can also browse the internet and compare the locations that you prefer staying in.

Rental prices

The properties that are near to places where people likely prefer to go are expensive to let or buy. Such places are where holidaymakers go, airports, and theme parks. For instance, apartments in Manhattan, Northern Brooklyn, and south of Queens areas are expensive.

However, you can also find apartments close to Manhattan which are less expensive. Generally, the prices of apartments tend to be high in August due to the increase in the number of new graduates who are looking for places to live.


Budget is one of the significant tips on moving to New York. Once you have got a reasonable idea of the place where you prefer to live, you need to determine the size of the apartment that you need to rent. New York city has different sizes of apartments. The size of an apartment will depend on your budget. Take note that apartments in the city can be expensive.

Many landlords demand that a tenant should have a good credit and earn a yearly salary that is approximately 40 times the monthly rent. If you don’t earn enough money, then you need to find a guarantor to co-sign the lease agreement. However, the guarantor is supposed to earn 80 times the monthly rent.

Idea of Sharing the space

Most people prefer to have a roommate to share with the apartment. But make sure that the roommate needs to be seriously committed because most of them give-up halfway through the application process. You need to be familiar with your roommate especially look into their responsibilities and lifestyle before signing a lease agreement.

Alternatively, there are other places such as Crown Heights, Williamsburg and Lower Manhattan where you can still have your own lease but you will have to co-live with someone else and share a kitchen, bathroom, and a lounge. The good part is that you can have your own private bedroom but share the other rooms and amenities. These other amenities include roof terraces, play spaces, and indoor pool. These amenities are also good places where children can play if you have a family.