What is Scrum and How Can it Help My Career?


Scrum is a term used in the software development industry, and in much the same way as a rugby scrum is a combination of many peoples strength, a Scrum project is an agile way to manage a software development project. This system incorporates the skills of the whole team and every decision is based on the overall team input, making this a very radical method to formulate unique software solutions for a range of industries.

Scrum Training

This system is recognised worldwide and certification can make a big difference to potential career changes, and if you are living in Australia, and are interested in Scrum training, Scrum On Australia are the ideal people to talk to, as they have a range of courses from beginner to advanced. Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) are in high demand worldwide, which means investing in the training is likely to bring big dividends

The ScrumMaster

The ScrumMaster is a person who facilitates and is typically someone with more practical experience, whose job it is to ensure that all the Scrum members utilise the system efficiently. The course for a ScrumMaster is a 2-day program that teaches a person how to effectively use Scrum and increase productivity when implementing software projects. Scrum On Australia are official agents for the Scrum training program and they work closely with the developers to ensure up to date practices.

Professional Scrum Developer

This is a 3-day course that teaches the development team how to effectively use the Scrum system, and how the Scrum framework can be used to solve complex issues. Hands-on Sprints enable the students to learn how Scrum can be applied to deal with changes, using modern engineering practices.

Potential Career Opportunities

Scrum training not only teaches you how to work in a team more effectively, it also enables you to progress further in your career as a software developer, and with a string of Scrum Certificates, you are much more in demand. Professional Scrum Certification is for life and there are no fees or upgrades to take, meaning that the investment is a small one when you consider the benefits are lifelong.

Online Training Organisations

In Australia, there are online companies who are accredited by Scrum to provide training, and with affordable courses, and classes no larger than 25 students, the learning environment is perfect and you will gradually develop your knowledge of the Scrum framework and how it can help with software development.

Sprint Learning

A sprint is a short project, typically two weeks, nut maybe up to one month, and in that time, the development team will take a project from the concept idea stage to coded testing and functionality. These short projects enable the team to experience real life situations and how to best deal with them using the Scrum framework.

Software development is ever changing, and with the help of Scrum training, you can develop yourself professionally and brighten your career prospects at the same time.