What is Employee Empowerment


For those who’ve never heard it, the term “employee empowerment” is used to convey the ways in how non-managerial staff members can help to make decisions without needing to consult the management. Such decisions can be both small and large, depending upon the amount of power with which the company wishes to grant employees. Employee empowerment can start at training and transforming the whole company to an empowerment model. Countering that, it may just mean granting employees the ability to make some decisions on their own.

More Content Employees

The idea behind employee empowerment is that it provides power to individuals which makes for happier workers. By having the ability to make choices and join in on a more heightened level, employees will usually become more interested in being part of their company, and often see themselves as ambassadors for the company.

When an employee feels as if he or she has a choice and can carry out direct decisions, this will usually lead to a greater feeling of self-worth.  A worker who does not feel that he or she is being constantly watched or criticised is much more likely to think about work being a positive environment instead of a negative one. This results in an increase in employee productivity, which is good for all.


In order for employee empowerment to function properly, the management team has to be truly devoted to letting employees to come forth and make decisions. Building a decision-making team is frequently one of the models utilised in employee empowerment, due to it allowing for managers and workers to actually contribute ideas toward steering the company.

Domineering managers will never want to take on and utilise any form of employee empowerment. These kinds of managers, who are often known as “micromanagers”, usually tend to look after all aspects of their employees’ work and normally dislike giving up their control. Any manager who is willing to try employee empowerment will have to give up control of some features of the business.

Boost in Suggestions

A simple way for management to start empowering their employees is to place suggestion boxes, in the workplace where workers can put suggestions without any fear of punishment or retribution. However, placing a suggestion box somewhere is just the first step. Managers will then have to be willing to read and think over the suggestions. They may even want to provide a forum where questions or suggestions can receive a reply, such as in a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Responses are Vital

Some suggestions will have to be accepted for employees to make them feel that they are actually having some effect on the company. Failure to do so would reinforce the idea that all the power is with the management and not the employees. Employee empowerment of any kind will only work when the management is willing to be open to new ideas.

Employee empowerment is a step in the right direction for both employers and employees.