What Is Digital Marketing


The internet is at the centre of digital marketing – a new way to promote your business and build relationships with potential and existing customers. It includes using the internet and the many online tools available to build an online presence that results in you being found by your local target market. Register on the left to receive our free report on local search marketing for health and wellness business owners.

To engage in digital marketing means to take part in

Audio / podcasting
Banner advertising/PPC and other forms of online advertising
eMail marketing
linking building/Search engine optimisation (SEO)
mobile local marketing
Social media
Video marketing
Web 2.0 platforms
What makes digital marketing so exciting for local business owners?

what is digital marketingThe fact that it is far cheaper than advertising in offline media like local newspapers and phone books – plus it is now far more effective.

The opportunities it provides to passively reach out and draw in people to your business because they find you online. Rather than having to continually go out and be present at events. When done correctly this form of online marketing will bring people in to you.

You can use it to help you generate ongoing leads into your business by increasing your online presence.

It is far more permanent than any type of traditional offline marketing. A local newspaper ad taken out today is tomorrows cat litter lining material. An optimised local blog post written today will be found tomorrow, next month, next year and even years from now.

It provides an opportunity for a local business owner to interact and have conversations with their customers – whether through blog comments or comments left on a social media platform you get to actively engage with the people you want to attract and with your current customers.

Your customers get an opportunity to tell everyone about how great your local business is, which brings in more new business for you. They become your champions by rating and reviewing your business. Both reviews and ratings are very important for a local business and have been found to increase your chances to attracting new business.

You get to share your expertise, what you know and how you can help. Thanks to the power of video marketing, audio podcasts and blogging you can do anything from write a blog post, to start an online radio show right up to live video streaming where you talk live online while people watch.

The main disadvantage to digital marketing is the time it can take to put it all into place. It is easy for a local business to become overwhelmed with what there is to do and it is an ongoing job. In order to stay ahead of your competition you need to constantly bring out new information and news related to your business.

But the rewards are amazing when digital marketing is implemented correctly. The right training will shave years off your learning curve and so will the right information and staying ahead of the trend.

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