What is All About React 16 Course?


Developing a website or a web application or a web service needs a lot of proficiency and knowledge. React JS is a framework helps to candidates that aim design a splendid site. There are many online courses are available for the training of this react js framework. The participants will also teach how to use React’s custom mark-up language to make their JavaScript code. In this course, participants will learn about all the basic concepts of React JS and its tools. The candidates will learn about the JSX, components and its concepts.

The react 16 training course will provide the participants the ability to how to use this React JS framework for developing applications. The candidates will learn about the fundamentals of the React and Redux from this course. The candidates will learn how to derive the graceful solutions to some of the front end programming‘s most persistent issues. For taking this course, the participants need to be familiar with the JavaScript. That is, the participants need to possess some experience in developing applications with JavaScript.

Who can take this course?

  • Application developers
  • Professionals
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Web developers
  • Programmers those who want to improve their skill
  • Engineers those who have explored React but still finding trouble to master the important concepts of React

Benefits of Taking Part in the Course

  • They can implement server side rendering for SEO benefits and to lessen the initial loading times
  • They can know advantages of unidirectional data flow
  • The candidates can design applications from scratch using the React 16
  • They can employ styled components to design presentational components
  • Participants will be master in the basic concepts of Redux including redux applications
  • Participants will learn how to structure and organize redux applications
  • They will know how to code using ES6 language features
  • They can create, build and deploy react applications to cloud

How to Create 3D Applications with React?

As you all know that, 3D game applications and websites are on the lift now. The familiar feature of the react is its components. Designing a 3D application using react is neither easy nor difficult. The point is that, you have to make use of the right tools to make a 3D game application. You can begin with small 3D web applications, but that is not necessary. The point is that, when you are about to design a 3D game, you need to put all your efforts inside the react components to get the stunning outcome. Creating 3D apps with react and webGL should include the following rules,

  • Animation
  • Employ react for hierarchy
  • Add orbit controls

You can add value to the WebGL react projects as follows,

  • Gl-react – bindings for React to implement complex effects
  • React-unity webGL – Embed your Unity application