What does the future hold for banks


We know that everything changes, but what is it that changes? The guru of the innovation recommends that we ask ourselves these questions in any conference in which we have participated we always say the same thing. An expert in digital banking, has all the answers for the financial industry, where it says: You

are going to be thousands of updates of smartphones and a host of new technologies to provide greater security and confidence in the exchange of banks and customers but may not have branches, given that with technological change that is making strides, people do not have to go to make these huge lines at the banks to make payments, make your transactions and banking, given that they will be able to do everything from their homes with the help of a device to connect to the internet and ready.

According to this expert, indicates that the embassies of the banks are not going to disappear in the medium or long term for psychological reasons, in spite of the technological breakthrough in the financial sector, the people will always need to know that their savings are being cared for, that is to say that their savings are being “stored value” and that they are safe.

We know that people see your cell phone about 10 times a day and visit a bank branch at least 5 times a year, this will mean that in the future a new customer care on the part of the banks is going to be through the internet. That is to say that the vicinity that give the smart phones, tablets and laptops is changing the model of attention to the customer for banks and it is for this reason that in FNBNorcal.com we implemented this new method of customer service to all our customers can conduct their transactions and other paperwork through our official website which can be visited from any device you connect to the internet.

This trend will grow along with the number of connected objects that will be in the entity, and thus to provide a financial lifestyle that go in line with the needs of our users and customers. Everything that has intelligence will allow us much greater knowledge of the clients, so we will know who they are and we know where they are and what they are doing, with the help of alerts, tell you something that is useful to the new style of life that they have adopted.