What Does Somebody in Customer Service Actually do

Ethnic businesswoman with headset on smiling at the camera in a call center

Someone involved in customer service is a person who speaks on behalf of a company while communicating with customers, be it face-to-face, on the phone, the Internet or through various other methods. Also known as a customer service representative, they may have to carry out a wide range of duties to meet the needs of a company’s clients. For example, he or she can offer support for a company’s products and services, take order requests, answer all questions, sort out any complaints or at times make sales. Clients frequently see customer service representatives as the eyes, ears, face and voice of a business.

Worker Training and Duties

The main work duties of a customer service specialist are usually to manage complaints, explain the company’s policies and offer up any information about products and services. Training is usually necessary by employers to ensure the accuracy of the given data, for anyone who wishes to explore customer service jobs in Malaysia. Representatives will also need to have excellent communication skills, and these kinds of skills will be a prerequisite for the job and can be further developed through training with the company.

Work Backdrop

 A customer service specialist may have to work in many settings, with some of the most typical being inbound call centres, help and customer service counters. In the call centre setting, the specialist will have to  answer incoming phone calls from present and potential customers. The help desk setting is usually used by technology-related businesses to offer support of products and services, and a representative can communicate with customers via telephone, email or a live Internet setting. Most renowned businesses have a customer service department that lets customers easily  go to a counter and speak to specialists to get any questions answered or problems sorted out.

Sales, Complaints and Questions

Those in customer service will have to be able to assist clients over a broad range of issues. For instance, a customer may contact a company to ask about charges on a bill or to complain about some product or service. In such cases, the specialist must have the knowhow about the billing process, products and services, and he or she also must also be aware of how to solve such problems without losing the customer.

Advantageous Traits

The employment of customer service is both challenging and rewarding and a customer service specialist will need to have a complete understanding of his or her role in the business and will have to be able to manage a positive relationship with all customers. It is not unusual for the specialist to have to interact with annoyed customers, and it is important for the representative to remain calm, communicate efficiently and turn the experience into a positive one for the customers. Those in customer service jobs, will need to have computer skills and it may be of benefit to study business writing and business math skills.

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