Vital Items for Your Business


Starting a new business requires a lot of work and there are many things you’ll need to purchase. While you may have a list of things you know that businesses in your industry need, you may accidentally overlook some common items that all businesses need. Some of these items and pieces of equipment may need to be designed to match the rest of your business, but others are very simple. Once you realise you’ve forgotten an item, you may wonder how you ever forgot it because it’s so basic. Here are some of these vital items you will need to add to your to-have list.


You bought a printer. You bought ink for it. Did you remember to purchase a box of paper? You may go through a lot more paper than you originally think. While a lot of things are done via email these days, there are still some items you have to print and mail or hand-deliver. You may also need specific printouts for your employees or customers, too. Always make sure you have plenty of paper on hand, especially if your business relies on printouts on a daily basis.

Business Cards

Even if you don’t expect to hand out business cards on a regular basis, you should still have some printed with your business name, your name, and your contact information. This is because you never know when you’ll meet someone who could be an asset to your company. You might meet a new supplier and want to make sure he or she has your contact information. You could be talking to someone and find out that he or she has connections that could help you. Having a business card ensures that you’re not forgotten.

A Business Phone System

Did you remember to get a business phone system? If you have multiple spaces or employee offices, you’ll want to do more than have a standard phone in each one.If you have bought a business phone system from Commander Centre, you understand the benefits of having an integrated system that allows you to transfer calls, set up individual voice mailboxes, and more. Even if you only need a few phones in your business, it’s worth looking at these business phone systems because of the many different options they have that standard phones do not.

Branded Stationery and Envelopes

A lot of new business owners assume they will never need a company letterhead or envelopes. However, they often later realise that they do need these things. Sending letters out on official stationery makes your business look that much more professional. This can be very helpful when sending invoices and other letters that need to carry more weight than general correspondence. Sending these letters in an envelope branded with your name and logo also adds to the official look.

Designing these items often doesn’t take that much time, and once you’ve created them, you can simply have more printed when necessary. Like many of the items on this list, it’s something that doesn’t take much time but is an important part of your new business.