The Virtual Office Vision – How Online Collaboration Has Shaped Modern Business


The collaboration has increased business productivity by simply streamlining many of its processes. Many businesses are drawn to the remote working format because it is feasible for them to save money while increasing productivity. Through the virtual office, remote workers can collaborate in both physical reality and a virtual one as well.

The virtual office operates by leasing the use of office space (meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms) to businesses, in addition to the superlative IT services. For businesses, these remote working platforms prove to save them money in overhead because they are not using the office every day. Check out Servcorps Indonesia virtual office setup at to see the diverse array of amenities these offices provide. Moreover, these amenities have been at the core of transforming modern business.

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Employment Apps

As a result of a separate online platform, professionals around the world can meet and collaborate on a number of projects. Whereas in the past, for a business or a professional to hire an individual, they would have to go through a formal process. Today, businesses can go to any number of professional sites, search through a catalogue of candidates and find any number talented people to interview for a position.

For freelancers looking to find others to work with, these same sites are a jumping off point to find other people. Furthermore, this online platform has made it possible for team members to hire from a larger, and in many cases, a very competitive pool of individuals. The way teams come together to hire or work with other professionals has been greatly influenced by the online collaboration.


In days past, technology kept it pretty simple. You were a part of a team that met in a physical space, and when the work was done, your payment was transferred through electronic transfer where you would then go to the bank to see if the payment was made. Today’s online collaborations have affected the way professionals are paid.

In essence, online collaborations have fuelled the growth of e-payment sites. Because in typical situations, many of the collaborations are comprised of people who live in different parts of the world, e-payments make it possible for whole industries to develop online. The online collaboration pretty much paved the way for these online banks to shape global finance.


As integral as the other two areas are to the online community, the online collaboration has changed the way individuals communicate. With the growth in freelancers worldwide, different online sites have made possible for team members to engage each other and to share information. Also, file sharing, through many apps, has reduced the chance emails are not received or are spammed. Through its various communication methods, online collaboration has made it possible for team members in different locations to communicate with each other.


Because the net with which talent is drawn is wider, teams have evolved to encompass some pretty smart, innovative entrepreneurs. The online community is riddled with different sites and businesses that have been the culmination of this community of professionals who come together to create. In fact, by moving the traditional collaboration to an online format, there are more opportunities for innovative ideas to find a platform.

Shaping Progress

The online collaboration has made doing business more convenient but also more efficient. These collaborations have been at the centre of new and exciting ideas that have influenced the way major industries function. Ultimately, the online space has become a fluid one where people can gather and create as they desire.