The Ultimate Guide To Manholes And Their Function


Holding the hands of civilization, the need for a proper sewage system within a city or town evolved. Having said that, we mean, to live in a healthy environment in the cities and towns, you need a foolproof sewage system where manholes and their functions become an integral part of the same. However, the crux is that despite living in the 21st Century, the need for manholes hasn’t gone down. Instead, there is a growing need for smart manholes that help in remote detection of sewage condition, for instance. That’s how state-of-the-art innovations have come up in this arena too. For instance, today, a cover lifter isn’t always necessary when lighter materials are used in making manholes such as those made of fiberglass.

Here is a brief how manholes have evolved with the fiberglass and why a cover lifter isn’t important anymore in the first place.

Lightweight and user-friendly

Compared to the cast iron manholes, fiberglass manholes are truly lightweight. For instance, a cast iron manhole weighs up to 240 lbs where a fiberglass manhole weighs about 65-90 lbs. All those put together construes that fiberglass manholes are easy to run during the installation and maintenance work. On top of it, these fiberglass manholes are conducive to electromagnetic waves. As such, they allow remote monitoring.    

Corrosion resistant

Oxidation of cast iron is natural. It means when you use cast iron manholes, they develop rust and become fragile after some time. On the contrary, fiberglass manholes are corrosion resistant and thus give flawless service for years. In the process, your expenses on the maintenance of manholes go down with the fiberglass manholes only.

Single piece manhole

Being a single piece, a fiberglass manhole is a unique choice here since the installation of this manhole is quite easy compared to other manholes of its class. In the process, you save cost on installation as well as the maintenance of these manholes during their lifespan.

Long life

You will be happy to know that a fiberglass manhole has more than 30 years of lifespan on an average. In other words, you can have the peace of mind after fiberglass manholes installation at your home, for instance.


Unlike the cast iron manholes, fiberglass manholes have a strong inside locking system that keeps the lid in its place. It thus remains waterproof.


Since fiberglass manholes do not have any resale value, they stay for long in the service of the people. Having said that, we mean, thieves do not steal those manholes and at the same time, they do not develop rust. As a matter of fact, they do not add any toxic element in your living environment either. You enjoy uninterrupted service over the years with the fiberglass manholes.  

Likewise, you will find many reasons to use fiberglass manholes at your home, for instance. On top of it, you will realize that a cover lifter isn’t always necessary when lighter materials are used in the making of the manholes such as the fiberglass manholes.