The Key to Marketing Dental Jobs


Gone are the days of advertising jobs in newspapers and notice boards in your practice. Nearly all prospective applicants will have grown up looking for jobs online and this trend is expected to continue. If you decide to advertise online, you will be able to attract the largest number of candidates to your open position.

Website such as have a large database of dental professionals who have submitted their details online who are actively looking for work. This reduces the costs of you having to go out and find these individuals and reduces the time you spend on the recruitment process itself. If you can get a high number of applicants for your open position, you will be able to hire for the right fit at the first time of asking. You can post an advert on DentReps by visiting this link

Here are some more tips for marketing your dental job openings from

Optimize and Perfect the Job Advert and Description

If you can make the job opening appear to be exciting and attractive as possible, it will make people more likely to apply. The last thing you want to do is to make the opening look dry and boring. You need to offer something to the candidate to make them want to apply, whether it be on the job training or the chance of promotion in the future.

Analyze Past Applicants

Was there an employee who left on good terms in the not to distant past who would be interested in making a return? These ex-employees will not need as much training as a brand new applicant would. Another advantage of this is that it makes it more likely that you will be hiring for the right fit at the first time of asking.

Have You Considered Making a Video?

If you can set your position out from the crowd by making a short video, this is a great way to attract the maximum number of candidates to your position. It could be simple as doing a little tour of your practice, which short interviews with members of staff chatting informally about their job. It’s all about creating a good image of your practice to encourage job seekers to apply for your job.

These are just some of the ways that you can market your job opening to the general public. Do you have any other tips that work? Be sure to let us know. Check out DentReps today!