The Features of Good Office Furniture


Your office furniture isn’t necessarily the most interesting part of your office. When you think about the things that hold your office together, you probably think about your employees and the tools they use to do their jobs. However, they probably do almost all of their work from a chair. The chairs are the things that ultimately hold your office together. A bad chair can cause your employees discomfort. An uncomfortable employee is one who is distracted by his or her aches and pains. Also, an employee in an uncomfortable chair is more likely to take every possible opportunity to get up from his or her desk and move around. While occasional breaks to stretch and move around are very productive, it is very counterproductive to move too much. If you want to increase the productivity of your employees, you should get them comfortable chairs that encourage them to sit at their desks for longer.

Common Pitfalls

Common pitfalls of chairs are lumbar support and height. Systems Commercial provides several different chairs that serve many different needs. You need a chair that has lumbar support, because this support encourages the spine into its most natural alignment, which is the most comfortable for you to sit in. That relieves pressure on the spine and the hips. Furthermore, the best office chair in Auckland is the one that is the right height for each employee.

Many chairs either aren’t adjustable or they aren’t adjustable enough. You need a chair that you can raise and lower significantly. People come in many different heights, so they need chairs that come in a wide range of heights as well. You also need to be able to adjust how much your chair inclines. It is also helpful if you can raise and lower the armrests. That helps create a more comfortable posture.

Where to Find Them

Systems Commercial is a great supplier of office furniture. They provide some of the best ways to find furniture in your area. Because they sell their wares online, they are able to provide you with greater selection at lower costs. Brick and mortar stores have to pay for their utilities, rent, property taxes, employees, and so much more. Online retailers, however, tend to be able to provide lower costs. They don’t have to pay for their brick and mortar store overhead costs; therefore, they don’t have to worry as much about raising their prices to cover their expenses. They also have a wider license to stock more supply. Since you’re ordering from a warehouse, they also have a wider selection of chairs in stock.

When you are looking for a way to increase productivity, you should definitely not forget about your office chairs. The chairs are not the most glamorous part of your office, but they are incredibly important. They provide the support for your employees and greatly affect their productivity. Those who are comfortable in their chairs are more likely to stay at their desks for longer. If your employees are comfortable, they’ll also be happier and happier employees are more productive.