The Biggest Reasons Companies Use Executive Recruiting Firms


No matter how low the current unemployment rate, the difficulty associated with finding high-quality talent remains the same. This is as true today as it was decades ago, and it will remain true. Each year, thousands of companies attempt to find the talent they need on their own, and the difficulty only increases when they choose to do it in this way. This is due to the fact that many, if not most, people in search of jobs are passive or not sure their qualifications are enough to apply.

As a direct result, companies lose time and energy finding the right executives to fill their empty positions. Once they do find a candidate, they likely miss out on someone more qualified and experienced. In short, doing your recruiting without the help of an executive recruitment firm is a misuse of time, energy, and resources.

Save Time

Executive search companies help save you time, and thus money, when you need to fill a position. Their networks are extremely wide, and they can help find the talent you need in a fraction of the time. Your HR department is likely overrun by resumes and applications, meaning it cannot make any real progress in its search for qualified candidates. Executive recruiters take care of almost every aspect of the process, cutting down on time spent and allowing you to focus on other important business needs.

More Passive Candidates

Active job seekers are not necessarily people you should avoid, but the chance of finding the perfect candidate is higher when you look for passive candidates. This talent will not apply online to posted job listings. The right executive search firm will capture their attention and convince them to seek the opportunity of your open position.

Most passive candidates are not actively looking for new jobs, meaning they need a bit of persuasion. The right companies know where to find these experienced men and women and present your open position in an attractive light. Often, such talent only needs to be offered a new position to make a decision in your favour.

Aid Throughout the Process

These firms have experience locating talent for most business sectors, meaning they can help you find the talent you need. They work with you throughout the entire recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding process to ensure a successful hire is made. In fact, a recruiter’s job is not complete until the position is filled completely. This means you will never have to deal with the issue of an empty seat without help again.

They Know Everyone

Recruitment firms have a network of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of contacts. They can find both active and passive talent for any executive position you might need to fill. These recruiters watch the marketplace day and night to ensure they never miss talent and a possible candidate. They know at all times what the top talent is doing and what the top companies are doing. With all of this information, you will never need to spend weeks finding available talent. Every day with an open position is thousands lost. Therefore, you cannot put off the beneficial help of a recruitment firm.