The Benefits of Manned Security at Commercial Locations


Factories, warehouses and construction sites are all prime targets for thieves, and with more and more homeowners beefing up security, burglars are on the lookout for easy pickings. For many large organisations, manned security is essential, with lorry loads of deliveries coming in at all hours, and with staff coming and going, gate security is necessary. Yet there are so many more ways that manned security can benefit a business, and if you are interested in hiring such a service, here are just a few of the reasons why it makes perfect sense.

Inventory Control

You should always know exactly what stock you have on the premises, and if you have strict regulations on the gate that ensure that every item coming in or going out, is logged by the security staff, it is easy to keep track. If your facility requires manned security and your business is UK based, there is a professional security service in Leeds that can tailor the protection to suit your needs.

Perimeter Patrols

A typical warehouse or factory would be set in a large area, and with manned security, you can request perimeter patrols at certain intervals, which acts as a deterrent to anyone thinking of sneaking in over a wall or through a fence. Large facilities would also have CCTV and the security guard can monitor all the cameras from a single location, which makes the perimeter security so much easier.

Preventing Losses

Every organisation is open to the threat of theft, which might come from customers or employees, or thieves that target the venue at night, and by hiring manned security, you can prevent any losses. Some factories have a random employee search system as the employees leave the workplace, and this is usually sufficient deterrent to prevent employee theft.

Ensuring Public Safety

One of the roles of manned security could be to ensure public safety, as many commercial locations are entwined with public walkways, and it is a legal requirement in some cases. This role demands a level of good communication skills, as the guard will be talking to members of the public on a daily basis, and his job is to ensure their safety by reminding them of certain rules.

Staff Protection

The security staff would be the first to raise the alarm in the event of a fire or other such emergency, and if they are fully conversant with your emergency plan, they can help to facilitate evacuations when required.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

If a commercial premises has manned security, it makes a big difference to the insurance premiums, as the insurer recognises the decreased risk of theft and alters its premiums accordingly. This can mean a substantial saving, and with the many other benefits, hiring manned security has a lot going for it.

There are online suppliers of professional security guards who can tailor the service to suit any business, and a simple online search should put you in touch with a local security company who can give you a free quote.