The Benefits of a Virtual Office for Start-up Businesses


Starting a new business is very costly, and when it comes to office space, most realise that this will just have to wait until the business gets on its feet. The cost of setting up an office and hiring staff is beyond most entrepreneurs, so they elect to run the business from home for a few years, until they can afford to set up their own office. Modern solutions have come to the rescue, and the virtual office can give even the smallest company a high profile image.

What do I get from a virtual office?

A virtual office offers the business person a range of services that include,

  • Local telephone number
  • Dedicated fax number
  • Registered business address
  • Call forwarding services
  • Call answering services
  • Mail collection or forwarding
  • On site facilities for client or staff meetings

If you are already convinced that a virtual office is right for your business, the next question to ask is, where can I find virtual office services? There are online companies that provide all of these services, and in a city like London, they would have several locations to choose from.

Call answering facilities

This is vital, and a virtual office will ensure that all calls are handled by professional staff, who will forward the call to your chosen number. Outside of business hours, your calls will be automatically forwarded to your number, which means you will not lose business due to unanswered calls.

Your own fax number

This is essential, and your virtual office can supply you with your own dedicated fax number, and all faxes will be forwarded to you, giving you complete access all fax enquires.

Your own business address

Any company that has a business address in the heart of the city already has a big advantage over a competitor who works from home. The right image is essential, as it gives a prospective customer confidence that the company is both established and reputable.

Face to face meetings

Some people mistakenly think that a virtual office is only for taking calls and receiving mail, but an established company will offer on-site services, so you can meet with a client at your office, and have full use of modern equipment, to project the right image. You might want to hold sales meetings with your staff, and this can easily be arranged by booking the facilities in advance.

A tailored solution

A virtual office can offer a wide range of services, and as all businesses are unique, they can tailor a package to suit. Because the office space is shared by other businesses, the costs are a fraction of setting up your own office, and with a full range of services, your corporate image will be first class.

Modern business demands certain things, and without them, you are already at a disadvantage. A virtual office gives you the right image, and with professional staff working on your behalf, nothing is left to chance.