The Basics – What Is Slatwall And How To Choose A Slatwall For Your Store


Slatwall is a building material which is characterized by a number of horizontal grooves and is also known as slats. This comes in a huge variety that ranges from wall panels to several freestanding fixtures. Slatwall is used with a number of attachments such as bins, shelves, and hooks into the slats. This means that you can easily update your displays in a few minutes without any hooks.

Choosing The best Slatwall

Only with a handful of exceptions, there are several things that a slatwall boards have in common: they are made up of fiberboards and they have grooved slats. Here, the slatwall displays provide you with an endless range of characteristics and differences.

 Material to Use

Several slatwall displays are made up from MDF- which is known for its cheaper price and durability to the weight ratio. Some professionals create the MDF hybrid boards or use some materials such as  PVC for their boards. When buying a the MDF board you don’t have to worry about any display requirements like higher weight capacities or the waterproof panels.

Finishes it Comes with

Below is the available selection of finishes and laminates for slatwall. They provide you with sufficient options to find a display that fits right according to the interiors of your store:

Unfinished or Painted Ones: This slatwall are raw fiberboard panels. That can be displayed directly as it is or can be painted to match the decor of your store.

Melamine: These type of slatwalls are also known as low-pressure laminates. This type of finish provides your store with a high-end look at a very low price.

High-Pressure Laminates: These are the heavy duty and highly-resilient products available in the market. Unlike other finishes, HPL comes in a wide range of colors, looks, and laminations.

Go for Groove Spacing

This is a key characteristic of a slatwall. Groove spacing is generally measured from the center of the groove to the center of the next groove. Keep in mind, smaller groove spacing allows better usable grooves and display space, whereas, the larger grooves provide you with strength. Generally, the size of the groove must contain one standard size.

You can hang your display panel system on your own or can hire a professional. So, if you plan to use your slatwall display to be used as your wall panels, we recommend hiring a professional to handle the installation at your store.