Seven Tips for Supporting your Customers and Winning More Sales and Positive Feedback


There are some great hacks out there which will help you to serve your customers better. When you use one, a few or all of them, you’ll be able to drive more sales to your business and earn the positive customer feedback which is so important to business prosperity and longevity. Today, we’d like to share these practical hacks with you. Each one is designed to move your business forward.

1.) Cross-sell and Upsell

You need to work for sales. With this mind, your sales team and service representatives should actively upsell and cross-sell to each and every customer. For example, they may recommend bundles of goods and services or suggest a higher tier or service or a more deluxe product, or both.

2.) Offer Customer Support Via Email

Some companies post a frequently-asked questions section on their websites and figure that they’ve taken care of educating customers. This isn’t a great approach. In fact, a lot of innovative companies are skipping the FAQ section entirely and making their websites into connection points where visitors may easily send emails which include their questions. It’s about supporting the development of relationships between customers and companies, right from the very first interaction.

3.) Use Old-fashioned Marketing Methods

Everyone anticipates receiving electronic communications from companies these days. Few customers expect to get hand-written notes and more old-fashioned forms of communication. When you do add old-fashioned marketing methods, such as hand-written notes, to your repertoire of marketing tactics, you’ll build loyalty among your customer base. Breaking away from the digital may really pay off!

4.) Make Life Easier for Clients

The key to boosting customer loyalty is making life easier for customers. With this in mind, think about the hoops that customers need to jump through in order to get what they want from your company and try to reduce the number of hoops. There may be ways to simplify and making the decision to simplify may be the secret of keeping customers coming back, time and time again.

5.) Harness the Power of Reciprocity

Are you familiar with the concept of reciprocity? It’s a psychological concept and it’s all about expecting niceness from others when we are nice to them first. For example, servers in restaurants who give candy to customers at the end of meals tend to get tipped a higher amount. Think about nice things that your company can do for your clients and how it may pay off for your business. Then, initiate these acts of kindness and track your results.

6.) Keep a Close Eye on Metrics

A couple of metrics are very important after new people sign up as members at websites. One is how long they hang out at websites during their very first visits. The second is how frequent their logins are afterwards. Members who stick around after a month are the types of members that you want to attract. You may wish to send segmented emails to all members and focus on drawing the interest of members who are not signing in as much as they should. This may turn less-interested members into the more loyal kind.

7.) Show Your Customers That You Care

Each interaction with a client should be viewed as an opportunity to build a more positive relationship with that person. So, it’s important to display a caring spirit during calls, emails and other forms of connection. Some companies build stronger relationships with customers by asking their service representatives to show interest in the customer’s lives during communication. It’s about moving beyond robotic customer service and making things more personal and flattering to the person on the other end.

Now that you know seven tips for supporting your customers and winning more sales and positive feedback, why not try these helpful hacks today?

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