Sam Zherka on Hiking Planning Tips For The Beginner


Most people love to engage in an outdoor activity and be close to nature whenever they get the opportunity, as it is ideal way to exercise their bodies and minds. For many of these individuals, backpacking and hiring is on top their list of their most favorite open-air excursions. This is because such activities appeal to their sense of adventure and they never fail to have a good time when they are indulging in them. However, it always prudent on the part of such enthusiasts to take the necessary steps to ensure that such a journey is a safe and memorable one for them.

Sam Zherka from America has a keen interest in hiking. He  says it is important for people pursuing this activity to pay attention to the following hiking tips:

  • Always plan ahead

Before embarking on a hiking trip, it is prudent on the part of such enthusiast to plan their journey beforehand. They should never consider going on such an excursion on their own for their own security and well-being. When such individuals are deciding on the date to start their   trek, they should check the weather forecasts for that specific day. Most people do not like to get wet in a storm when they are travelling in outdoors.

  • Be aware of your limitations

When going on a hiking trip, it is important for people to know their own capabilities and limitations. Beginners should never attempt to visit a location that has severe temperature changes. Moreover, people suffering from asthma, heart ailments, diabetes or any other kind of physical pain should never try to climb or visit region in high altitudes. This is because such endeavors may aggravate their medical conditions.

  • Travel light

People who are intending to go on a hiking trip need to travel with light backpacks and carry only the essential items they need. They need to note that eatables and water are the heaviest things they need to carry on their journey. Clothing and equipment are very important in such excursion. They need to shop for comfortable and durable camping boots rather than shoes like sandals. They should always have a sunscreen with them at all times and a hat. In addition to this, such outdoor enthusiasts need proper socks, a sturdy walking stick, binoculars, tracking devices, water purification tablets and essential medicines. They should also carry a signaling gear with them to inform the authorities of their present location in case of any untoward incident during their journey.

  • Carry a map

Hikers should always carry a map of the location they intend to visit during their excursion. Moreover, they should also note down the numbers of nearest police station and other emergencies services in case of any mishap or when in trouble.

Sammy Zherka goes on to say that hiking can be a pleasant outdoor activity for people who love adventure and being close to nature. However, it is important for them to pay attention to the above tips whenever they embark on such an excursion.