Photo Books: the Business Tool You Haven’t Considered


Let’s Be Honest: Employee Training Usually Sucks

You’ve probably been to at least one terrible new employee orientation. Now that you’re a business owner or manager, you may have even led a few less-than-riveting staff intakes. Don’t worry—your secret is safe with us. Most companies are challenged to create employee training programs that are both useful and entertaining.

It’s true, the most important point is to teach existing and incoming personnel compliance and procedure. However, employees who engage with the material are more likely to remember information, share it with other staff and implement what they’ve learned. If your orientations are dry and boring, you should consider a new approach. Incorporating photos and photo books into your new employee training sessions can liven content and help you retain staff long-term.

Taking Staff Development in a New Direction

You may already send out photo Christmas cards to clients and customers during the holidays. Extra points if you also snap pictures at company events and post them regularly to your business’ Facebook page or Instagram account. But, images can do more than provide a way to connect with contacts and attract new patronage. In fact, they can inform trainees in a unique way that reveals your company’s culture and values.

Telling Your Business’ Story with Photo Books

The first team at a company often has strong ties to the business that they help power. It’s usually just a few folks and they understand how a place functions from the inside out. Being one of the original employees naturally fosters a sense of ownership. However, as a business becomes larger, it also becomes more difficult for employees to connect personally with the company’s origins.

Instead of an informative lecture with dates of incorporation and biographical facts about founders, you can let new hires turn the pages of photo books they can hold in their hands. Tell them the story of who started the company and why in a way they’ll remember.

Photo Books Can Educate on the Who’s Who

Another great way to incorporate photo books into employee orientations is to use them as a tool to help new staff get to know existing personnel and/or important clients. Each page of the photo books can feature the image of the person or customer and a brief explanation. This can serve as a small take-home for the new member of your team as they become acquainted with their workplace.

Easily Design Photo Books for New Employee Orientations with Mixbook

You can update your new employee orientation program in just a few minutes. Mixbook is an easy-to-use site that lets you select from a wide range of design templates, drop in photos, and add captions. The company offers customer service you can access quickly with the chat feature, and helpful videos offer endless inspiration for making photo books that are unique to your business.