Microfinance – the Way to Alleviate Poverty


Being poor is not a choice, it is an unfortunate situation, crying over which is of no use; instead efforts should be made so that one can take oneself out of it and get placed in a better way in life. Just like those above the poverty level, the ones below the poverty level also deserve the same things that life has to offer; it is just the latter ones have to work a bit harder than the former lot.

It is all about being interested in upgrading your life situation. Those interested have several options open before them, one of which is approaching a non-profit organization, which are particularly dedicated to the upliftment of the poor people and making them self sufficient. The Mercy foundation, of which Joe Johnson Welfont is a part, is one such organization that provides the facility of micro finance to these people so that they can start a new life for themselves.

The women are especially gratified by this endeavor of this organization which strives to make the life of the poor people better and in a way eradicate poverty from the society, and as a consequence developing the nation on the whole. Located in Tampa, Florida, the experts of this foundation come forward and help those in need of funding to start their own business.

One thing worthy of mention for this foundation is that it does not depend on donations by the rich people to fund the poor families; they have enough funds to finance these needy people and help them come out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The microfinance is all about providing small financial loans to the people to give a kick start to the business they wish to set up. Once the business gets rolling, these people become self sufficient and are able to slowly pay back their loan to the organization and at the same time make profits for themselves. This gives them a sense of confidence and increases their self worth drastically. The financial security further helps them start saving for the future and in no time, they are able to rise above the situation and no longer need to call themselves poor.

 The micro finances provided by the non-profit organizations like Mercy Foundation with which Joe Johnson Welfont is associated, are something about which people need to be educated and made aware of. This is again a task for the experts at the foundation premises. They make known to the people how to go about acquiring the finances through this process and how the loan system works.

The concept of micro financing has been successfully providing financial freedom as well as stability to a lot of people which is why it is becoming rather popular and steadily moving towards alleviating the living conditions of the so called ‘poor’ section of the society. Finally, there is some system by which the less fortunate people can even think of rising up the social ladder. This will surely be a beginning to eradicating a lot of social vices as well.