Marketing automation solutions by bpm’online as the effective means to improve business


Marketers try to attract more customers with the help of various marketing campaigns. Both marketers and customers will benefit from marketing automation solutions. To learn more about how to increase the productivity of your business with the help of, follow the link It will help any business to move to a new level and make marketing programs more effective and profitable. It will also give a chance to find new clients and turn your existing clients into the loyal ones. To understand the functionality of such automation solutions, let’s consider its basic components.

Briefly about marketing automation solutions by bpm’online

Marketers are to use all the possibilities to attract potential customers. CRM programs developed by become indispensable. Without bpm’online products, it takes too much time and efforts to establish communication with customers. Marketing automation solutions make it easier to organize and implement various marketing campaigns. They allow to not only simplify the whole process, but also contact clients through different communication means – e-mail, mobile apps and social networks. Moreover, it enables marketers to work with the prospects from the very beginning.

The main advantages of bpm’online marketing solutions

As B2B marketers state, the main advantage of marketing automation solutions is the possibility to generate quality leads in a shorter time. This process makes a profit when it is used correctly. According to statistics only 3 % of all traffic leads to success. In other cases it becomes just a waste of time, money and efforts. To implement such solutions right, you should keep in mind the following:

  • if you understand your customers’ needs, requirements and desires, you are already on the way to prosperity;
  • by using different communication channels you can reach your target audience and, consequently, improve your marketing strategy;
  • e-mail, content marketing and social networks are considered to be the most productive methods;
  • correct goal setting is also important. If your goal is to improve the generated leads in quantitative and qualitative terms, you are to run personalized marketing programs.

Marketing automation solutions developed by bpm’online are able to make a 360-degree profile and use all necessary information for cooperation with a particular client.

Attracting potential customers

It is the most important goal of any marketing strategy. By using bpm’online marketing automation solutions your company will increase the number of qualified leads. They, in their turn, are enabled to make more purchases since the offered products meet their expectations better. Additionally, nowadays potential customers establish new requirements to customer service.

Potential customers run about 10 marketing interactions with a company until they become regular customers. The main task of the marketers is to establish strong relationships with clients and keep communication with them at each stage of interaction. If you are interested in improving lead nurturing for your company, you need to offer your prospective clients appropriate solutions. It is also of crucial importance to track the results of marketing campaigns and determine their relevance and effectiveness. Special attention should be paid to:

  • CTR;
  • conversion ratio;
  • time-to-consumer conversion.

The main thing in acquisition of potential clients is to offer content that will reach your target audience. According to statistics about 70 % of all content is not relevant or interesting for users.

Increasing profitability with the help of marketing automation solutions

The question whether marketing and sales should work together raises much controversy. Nowadays it is a proven fact that these fields must interact. Companies that practice such interaction make more profit from their marketing campaigns. Their income increased by 32 % per year. Bpm’online marketing automation solutions ensure successful integration of marketing and sales departments.

All these facts prove that marketing automation solutions are considered to be an integral part of modern business. B2B organizations are interested in using all possible means to optimize business processes, attract potential clients and strengthen relations with existing customers.

If your company wants to take a leading position in business, your employees and you should implement modern and original marketing automation solutions and various strategies to attract customers. Moreover, such marketing programs are necessary for achieving your business objectives and increasing revenues.