Making Money For Those Who Stay At Home


Entering online competitions is a great way of earning extra cash and can be extremely fun. There is such a wide variety of competitions to enter so you will be able to find something that you are good at and have a chance of winning. If you are thinking about taking part in a high-risk one though such as last man standing type competition, make sure you are fully covered by taking out life insurance. Carry out research on the company offering it to make sure that you are in safe hands. Also sometimes you will have to wait for a long time during some competitions such as a last man standing so you need to be able to take time off work if you are employed.

There are literally thousands of competitions available at any one time offering all types of prizes. You can win things like a whole years supply of beer or even a brand new car if you are successful. There are many people who have packed in their jobs so that they can focus full time on entering as many competitions as possible so they can generate a yearly income. Below I will guide you to help you find the best way to make money by doing this.

How To Enter Competitions

If you have never applied for a competition you will be pleased to know that it is extremely easy. Most competitions only require you to enter your basic personal details online or answering multiple choice questions. In general, the more money at stake to be won the more information is needed to enter.

Professional Compers

There are lots of people who enter competitions as a full-time job to attempt to make a living out of them. If you are wanting to do this then you will need to set aside a lot of time to enter lots of competitions every week.

If you want to quit your job to become a professional you will need to enter 100 different competitions per day. It is a great deal of work so you may find that actually, your job was a lot easier. You are best off trying to apply for at least 30 a day while you are employed or get a part time job to make sure that you have an income coming in. There are no guarantees that you will win but applying for many competitions will greatly increase your chances of been successful.

Below are the things that you will need to do to become a professional comper.

  1. Set a daily amount of hours to spend applying for competitions
  2. Set up a system so that you can easily complete applications forms and keep track of the competitions you have entered.
  3. Set up a separate email address purely for competition entry so you can keep everything in one place and not bombard your personal email.
  4. Set targets and goals to work towards.
  5. Consider taking on a part-time job while you are starting off so you have a reliable income source.


When you are first starting out do not expect to instantly win competitions. It can take months before your first win so you need to be patient along with having the determination now to quit. If you do enter high-risk competitions make sure the company is fully insured and take out life insurance along with one that will cover you in case you get injured. If you don’t have life insurance you can try one of these crazy methods of making money.