Major Benefits of Using Filters Extracting Industrial Air


Industries emit various deadly and virulent chemicals and gases like methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide that pollute the environmental air, water and land. These noxious substances are the result of combustion. Half of the environmental pollution is caused by industries. Whilst these substances are naturally occurring but it is their large quantity that is of major concern. Their emission of huge quantity is the reason for global warming that further causing harm to our planet by causing floods, tsunamis, melting of glaciers, extinction of polar bears etc.

Filters are used for air, gas and liquid distillation to discard any solid particles or impurities contained in them.

Benefits of using filters extracting industrial air:

These filters that are used to collect dust and fumes are a great blessing for business industries. It provides increased and affirmative results in the business operation that includes:

  • Reduce health risks: The use of filter and extract industrial air reduces the number of harmful gases in the environment by improving freshness and reducing impurities at the workplace. This helps in maintaining the hygienic environment and reduces health risks.
  • Increase in productivity: By increasing health of the workers at their place of work these filters are helpful in increasing productivity of the workers by reducing frequent occurring injuries and equipment breakage.
  • Low operating rates: These purifiers filter and extract industrial air that helps in the circulation of breathable air which on the other hand reduce medical charges of the workers, increase equipment’s life and reduce the maintenance costs.
  • Better product quality: The dust free environment won’t cause any harm to the equipment and raw material which in the end increases product quality.
  • Workplace safety compliance: The dust free environment at the place of work is, therefore, maintaining government laws.
  • Employee retention: The healthy environment helps in increasing employee satisfaction and helpful in retaining employees by providing good facilities.

Types of filters that are used to extract industrial air

Filters are used to collect harmful dust, poisonous fumes expended by these industries. There are three types of filters used by industries nowadays to filter and extract industrial air:

  • Electrostatic Precipitator: These filters are very expensive and usually needs more maintenance. It uses very high voltage to charge air particles electrically.
  • Cyclone Filters: It is quite simple in use to remove dust from the stream of air. It is usually known as pre-filter for a dust collector. They can be easily operated by a fan and discharge valve and needs very little maintenance.
  • Cartridge Filters: These filters are highly efficient and are used widely for sandblasting, grinding fine powders and welding fumes. Their nanofiber technology helps in their easy cleaning.

Things to consider while looking for filters to extract Industrial air:

Finding an absolute filter to fulfil our needs is very important and needs your time, patience and expert advice. Carefully go through the benefits and disadvantages of these filters before buying. Every business has different fume and dust control requirement, Consider three important things below before choosing one:

  • Look for the type of dust/fume your procedure develops.
  • Give a closer look to find the way it is generating.
  • How much volume of air is required to control dust?

There are several companies supplying and installing filters as per your needs. Be determined in choosing the best one fit your needs.