Magnificent Coworking and Private Offices at Bridgeworks


If there is something that can be a stress buster, it is the feeling to work at a place that doesn’t seem like an office but something that is immensely in tune with your comfort zone. In recent times, people have started working at coworking spaces as it helps them in numerous ways.

Bridgeworks are a company which has set up various workspaces to help such people. It has included many facilities at the coworking spaces. However, most of its working spaces are located near long beaches, near the stations, or in middle of the city.

Bridgeworks Coworking spaces are the best area to have fun while being involved in a working environment, and as well, being submerged in a no pressure ambiance. Bridgeworks have various types of working spaces like private offices for a single person, offices for a group, executive suites, cubicles, desks etc.

It provides all types of facilities that are requisite for a traditional office plus includes other supplementary benefits like

  • Conference rooms
  • Bike racks
  • Free coffee
  • Social events and networking
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Printer
  • Free mailbox services
  • Flexible arrangements
  • 24/7 cleaning staff
  • Free access to the entertainment room
  • Free access to movie room on pre-booking

Apart from these, there is an overabundance of facilities which you can avail by choosing the best package present on the site

The package of the private offices depends upon the number of occupants wish to rent.

The rate of the rent and number of people can be occupied is as below:

  • Per office, $1300 accommodates 2 people
  • 3 people occupancy office at $1600
  • 4 people occupancy office at $2000

There are executive suites where you can have more than 4 people and supplementary benefits. The cost of the executive suites will be between$2000 and $2500.

Bridgeworks also provide certain perks at certain places. So, you can check for the perks offered at Bridgeworks which makes you worth becoming a member

The perks that Bridgeworks offers for the people wishing to take membership are:

  • It provides special incentives or discounts for regular people and new entrants and the local residents. Sometimes cafes and the restaurants at also offer some percent off on each purchase you make there.

  • It offers the 24/7 customer service management system, if you need anyone that’s hospitable and assists resolve issues which you have, our staff is there to serve 24/7.

  • We have the amenities that interest you as a person as well as a professional. As you may spend long hours here, most of the essential resources are kept available inside the coworking space.

Understanding Coworking spaces

Try asking professionals if they like to work from home; probability is there that most of them enthusiastically say yes. However, it rarely goes as they say, because there will be plenty of distractions at home while working. Hence the solution to that is Bridgeworks coworking space. Here you will get the feel of being at home as well as have access to an office where you can look at beautiful scenery while working and play some games when you want to take a break.

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