Know How to Draw Your Sales Performance Management Plan


Identification of crystal-clear business objective is significant before you draw your sales performance management plan. The objective should be designed comprehensive so that every part of development plan can be understood by sales reps and managers. For example, if you have plan to tap the uncovered market areas and wish your representatives to identify prospective wholesales of that zone, it would be better if you provide them logical idea of the most potential zones, which is a great contribution of a veteran sales manager. With this, you can expect them not to ‘beat around the bush’ but knock the right marketplaces where they can catch fast response. Typically, sales management strategic plans should be designed keeping in mind both long term and short term benefits. By this, as you can make your organization productive in short term, it would be benefited continually overtime.

Mark Stiffler , the Initiator and President of Synygy says that In building an effective sales performance management program, you must consider the factors, which are likely to deliver the maximum ROI to your employer. And for this understanding the goal and finding the realistic objective plan is very important. Synygy Inc. is a fast developing consultancy house specializing in sales force management, performance management and incentive management programs. Being the CEO of Optymyze, a distinguished enterprise cloud solution provider, he together with his knowledgeable team of software professionals support high profile corporate groups like pharmaceuticals, FMCG and insurance to equip them with software based sales management procedures.

Once the goal is identified, based on those information bases you can determine the sales tools and mechanisms that your company is required to put together. For example, in order to get fast attention of dealers in the market, you can think of participating in upcoming exhibition or arranging road shows. This will definitely give you better mileage to enter into the market and help the sales people working there rather than putting banners or making direct approaches to the channels. The whole idea should be supporting the sales staffs who are working in the frontline with necessary inputs.

Accordingly, sales reps who are headquartered there, can send you as much as information that they can collect locally. Thus, the marketing team and sales team should have close coordination, understanding which helps in maximizing return from each sales person, every territory and the company become profitable. Following are some tips for you to work on an effective sales performance management plan

  1. SPM or sales performance management plan and strategy should demonstrate clear objectives
  2. And based on those goals, you start brainstorming to prepare the whole action plan.

According to expert sales management consultants like Mark Stiffler that finding answers of the following questions can help you pen down the action plan

  • How your sales force will access the unrepresented market areas?
  • Optional supportive programs or tools;
  • What should be the deadline?
  • Strategies that can appear tempting to the channel partners;
  • Follow up methods;
  • Responsibility of marketing cell, sales managers and sales administrators;