Is Your Building Following Electrical Regulations


Do you own or rent a commercial property that is used for your business? If so, then you know how important it is to follow the rules. If word spreads that you’re not following safety regulations, you could get in big trouble. Penalties for failing to comply with safety regulations in commercial and public places might include paying fines or even getting shut down. To avoid penalties, you should know why it’s so important to follow electrical regulations as well.

Commercial Electrical Rules to Follow

Obviously, your building has lighting, but does it have the right kind of lighting? According to a recent government lighting regulation, workplace lighting must meet a certain standard. For instance, workplace lighting must allow people to notice hazards and dangers and be able to determine whether there’s a safety risk. Workplace lighting must not create strain on the eyes in the form of flickering, glares, or stroboscopic effects. Finally, workplace lighting must suit anyone who has any special needs, whether they have photosensitivity or poor vision.

Safety Regulations

Lighting allows people to escape dangerous situations. When the power goes out, people need a way to safely get out of the building without injuring themselves on the stairs, slipping on something, or simply bumping into office furniture. You’re required to have emergency lighting. Emergency lighting is a useful solution in the event of a power outage because it runs on batteries instead of your main electrical grid. Thus, when the power goes out, people will still be able to get out of the building safely.

Your building also must have fire alarms. Fire alarms alert people to the possibility of a fire. If you don’t have a fire evacuation procedure planned, it’s a good idea to develop one or ask a professional to develop an evacuation plan for your building so that in the event of a fire, your employees will know how to evacuate safely.

Are You Following Regulations?

Obviously, if your building does not have suitable workplace lighting, emergency lighting, or fire alarms, you’re not following regulations. However, there are other regulations that you might not know about. But how do you know whether you’re following regulations if you don’t know what they are? Well, you should get an electrical inspection. You can find commercial electrical services in Worthing by doing a little bit of online research.

Most electrical contractors offer inspections so if you’re unsure whether your building is up to code when it comes to the electricity, you should get an inspection. Simply call an electrical contractor and schedule an appointment.

The electrical inspector will check your lighting to make sure it’s suitable and meets regulations and he or she can test your emergency lighting and fire alarms as well. However, he or she can also check your electrical grid, your circuit breaker, your wires, and any other electrical components that you might have installed in your building. It’s worth getting an electrical inspection because it’ll ensure that you and your employees are safe and that you can avoid penalties for not following regulations.