How to Successfully Launch a Product or Business


The idea was conceived a few months ago, then came the research, and as time went by, the vision grew until it reached the point of no return. Company registration, premises, product and service preparation, and let’s not forget the marketing. Launching a new business is the perfect opportunity for some serious promotion, as long as it is done correctly. If you happen to be on the verge of a company, or product launch, here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the desired response.

Public Relations

If you are serious about making a splash in the business world, hire a PR Event Management company, and they will take care of everything. Once briefed by the client, as to objectives and aims, the event organiser would put together a plan for the event, and the publicity leading up to it. Your budget should be adequate, as there is nothing worse than a cheap launch, especially if your product is high end.

The Caterers

Take no chances with the people who prepare and serve the food. This is the very heart and soul of a successful event, so make sure you use the best. If you are in Australia, the top catering company in Sydney by Campbelltown Catering, who are experienced in catering for corporate events and have a good choice of menus. A good caterer would be flexible and focused on service and excellence, and with the experts taking care of the food and drinks, you can concentrate on the program.

Company Image

All businesses have an image, and whatever event you plan, it should fall in line with this. The event planner would do an assessment with the client, which would include the objectives, the target audience, and ideas to make the event more appealing. Your guest list should be well thought out, and every effort should be made to make them feel welcome.

The Program

A balance needs to be found between pure entertainment and promoting the business, and the company logo should be on just about everything, including the giveaways. Hand held fans or keyrings with the company colours and logo would work, as long as they are quality products. Include a comedian if possible, as everyone likes a laugh and it is a great ice breaker. Pay tribute to those who have made the launch possible, as this is another opportunity to remind the guests why they are here. Try to make it a little interactive, perhaps have some games or activities that the guests can take part in, and give out your products as prizes.

Media Coverage

Hire a videographer to film the event, and this should be professionally edited and distributed on the company website and other suitable online platforms. Of course, you want the media to know of the event in advance, and this should be planned at the very outset. You could even do a live broadcast on the company website, for maximum exposure.

Hiring the right people will ensure that the event is a success, and if you have done your homework and invited the right people, your new product or business will receive a positive boost from the launch event.