How to Order Bubble Wrap


Bubble wrap material has been used for several decades for packing. As a child, you may have seen or used bubble wrap at some point. If you had access to different plastic toys it’s very likely that you got to play with bubble wrap. Most toys are wrapped with bubble wrap in order to ensure that they remain intact during shipping. Bubble wrap basically contains bubble paper (a transparent, plastic paper that has bubbles on top). You can press on the bubbles to “pop” them. Most items that need to be handled with delicacy, and require additional care, are usually wrapped with bubble wrap.

The bubbles serve as a cushion in order to prevent any damage to the item itself. After being wrapped in the bubble wrap, the items are then placed in the cardboard boxes, and shipped to the distributors. If you are running a small manufacturing business you will probably need to purchase bubble wrap in order to ensure the safe packaging of your goods.  The bubble wrap was created by Alfred and Marc Chavannes. They came up with the idea when designing a new wallpaper.

After realising the benefits that the bubble wrap offered they quickly patented it and started selling it as a packaging supply. Today, bubble wraps are widely used around the globe in a host of different packing applications. Depending upon the size of the item that needs to be packaged the size of the bubbles on the wrap generally varies. For instance, smaller sized bubbles are used on wraps for covering small items. However, if the item is heavier and bigger in size, you will need to get a bubble wrap that has bigger bubbles. The diameter of the bubble generally starts from 6 mm and can go as high as 26 mm. Hipac Bubble Wrap is very popular and is used in a number of different applications. The company offers high quality bubble wraps at the most affordable prices. It’s a great option for small business owners who want high quality bubble wrap at comparatively low prices.

Ordering Online

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology you can easily order bubble wrap online. There are several companies that now offer online ordering facilities. Keep in mind that a bulk surcharge may apply when you order the bubble wrap in large quantities. You can compare the prices offered by the company to select the most affordable option.


Depending upon the diameter of the bubbles and the total size of the bubble wrap that you want the prices will vary. The standard bubble wrap roll is relatively affordable. However, most people don’t just buy one roll. As a business owner you will need several rolls to meet your packaging needs. You can compare the prices from different websites or you can even call on the company’s number to get an idea about the prices charged before you place an order.