How to Market Yourself on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful resources and social media tools on the internet to market yourself as a professional and to connect with like-minded individuals. And, it is also a great way of generating a competitive and professional edge as a business owner. You network with potential clients together with expanding your reach with a business community. So, with this being said, it is absolutely crucial to create a killer profile that stands out amongst other professionals and businesses within your specific industry. LinkedIn now boasts over 500 million members of which 260 of them log into the popular social media platform each month. This is exactly why we have created this short, but insightful article. If you are to market yourself as a business professional then you need to do it the right way. So, keep on reading to find out exactly how to do that.

Only Use a Professional Profile Photo

Did you know that LinkedIn profiles that have a professional profile photo are far more likely to be viewed by other users and businesses? So, you are yet to upload a professional photo of yourself then now is the time to do it. Your LinkedIn photo needs to be recent and one that showcases your professional persona. It shouldn’t be one that looks like it belongs on your Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Brand Your Profile With A Cover Photo

In addition to a professionally captured profile picture, also fill out your profile with a branded cover photo. It helps to give your profile page a lot more personality and look more appealing to like-minded professionals from the same industry that you specialise in.

Write a Punchy Summary

Your summary is a way of introducing yourself to any prospective connections. It needs to be short, but to the point and a way of summarising your career highlights and skills in just a few lines.

Ask for Recommendations

In some ways, you should think of your LinkedIn profile as your digital CV. And, just like a CV, you are going to need a reference or two. References on LinkedIn come in the form of recommendations. They are a great way of getting public testimonials onto your LinkedIn profile.

Join Relevant Groups

A great way to start connecting with like-minded individuals is by joining relevant groups where you can start interacting in discussions and marketing yourself as a well-educated professional. When joining in discussions, it’s important to sell your expertise, and not yourself as a product or business.

Avoid Typos At All Costs

This one is an absolute must. A poorly worded profile will reflect badly on yourself as a professional. When writing the content on your profile, read it, proofread it. And then, proofread it again. It always never hurts to get a family member or friend to read it as well.

Don’t Post Too Many Statuses

Posting status updates on your LinkedIn profile is a way of showcasing yourself as a professional together with highlighting career moments and your latest work. Try to post on a regular basis, but don’t go too overkill as your connections may find the amount of content too much. We recommend that you post once each day if you can. But, don’t post more than 5 times each week. Also, consider the nature of LinkedIn as a social media platform. Post during business hours to gain the most traction from your content.

Manage Your Community

Community management is now a key part of any social media strategy, whether it be in a business or personal context. It is all about building and retaining meaningful and long-lasting relationships with the people that matter the most to you. And, if you hope to build these relationships, then community management is not something to pass on. Its something you will want to invest in. It is also something that can effectively be managed by creating conversations with other LinkedIn users and business.

Make The Most of Your Profile Sections

Adding different profile sections in addition to your work experience can be a great way of really showcasing yourself. If you can speak a foreign language or hold a certificate in first aid then add it to your profile. It’s a way of truly showcasing yourself as a skilled professional.