How to Make Sure That Your Display Banner Works


Marketing is a challenging task, getting your business and product out and close to the reach of your target customers is crucial to your success. It is without a doubt that display banners are traditional, but they are still effective.

If you are planning on setting up banners (trade show displays, tarpaulin, a banner with stands, boards etc.) for your next marketing effort, then this post will help you guide on how to make sure that your banner delivers your message and get you sales for your business.

What kind of print you are going to use

First of all, you should know all the variations of banner and prints. Are you going to use a tarpaulin,A poster? Are you going to use a led display, flag, and signage? Are you going to use it on a moving vehicle or will it be just posted on a wall? Are you going to use banner stands? Is it going to be posted on a trade show, personal events or corporate?

Knowing what kind of display you are going to utilize can affect your display campaign. If you want your display banner to become effective, you should choose first what platform you are going to use.

Understanding the design aesthetics of your banner

The most overlooked aspect of prints is the design. Imagine a banner display that is hard on the eyes and difficult to understand. A good print design is crucial on perfecting a banner, it could make or break your marketing campaign.

Whether you are hiring a designer to work on your concept or you’re doing it yourself (DIY), having a good design for your next print can put your business in the right direction.

Here are design pointers you need to remember:

  • Font type and size – When choosing a font, always make sure that you stay consistent on your font face selection. Avoid using too many different fonts to fit in your print. Sticking to one or two font family is ideal. Also look into the spacing of your texts, having a cramped or crowded print is painful to read, adjust the spaces in between lines.
  • Color combination – Always combine colors that have Do not use a light colored text on abright background and deep colors on dark background. Always consider contrasting colors.
  • Image size – Avoid stretching out small images to fit your banner print. With a simple Google search, you can see what size you should follow for your print. Of course, graphic designers should already know this principle.

The design is very important,

Crafting a message that connects

If you want your banner to connect to your customers, it has to have an all in one punch. Aside from having a good design, your message should be delivered in short period of attention.

Always profile your audience first before writing or designing everything. If you are targeting the age 20 and below level – we all know that the design and copy will be very different to targeting the people who belong to 40 and above. Always know the segment that you are targeting upfront.

Call-to-actions and copywriting

Keep a short copy and make sure it hits your customer on what to do next. Call-to-actions are common in the digital space and should also be implemented on print ad copies and banner displays. Whether you tell your customers to visit your website, check your page on Facebook, pickup their phone and call or find you in the local stores – it is helpful to tell “What to do next” to your customers on your banner.

Always focus on the headline – have two or three headlines written for your print and ask other people about their preference before choosing one. Focus on the message and one message alone.

Your Display Banner Is You

Whether you are going to promote on a corporate event or a trade show – your display banner should represent your business. A good design and well-though of message could surely give you wins. While a sloppy and unconvincing work can hurt you at the same time. If you want to grab a 10 or 20 seconds of your customer’s attention, you need a better performing banner display.