How to get Started as a Virtual Worker


Becoming a virtual worker has become an extremely attractive career choice for many these days. It does come with a lot of benefits, such as flexible work hours, less time commuting to and from work, and control over how many hours you’d like to work. Are you interested in becoming a virtual worker yourself? Here are a few tips on how to get started:

Have a Dedicated Workspace

Working remotely gives you plenty of freedom, but the downside is that the lines between your work and personal lives can get quite blurred. Establish clear boundaries and help minimize distractions by having a space specifically dedicated for you to work. This could be an entire home office, or just a desk, depending on your preferences and how much space you have. You may also want to consider working at a coworking space, like the shared offices at the Common Desk.

Coworking spaces are great places to work because you get all the facilities and amenities you need to do your work, like in a regular office, without all the restrictions and the politics. The Common Desk offers office space for rent in Fort Worth, Deep Ellum and Plano, TX among other locations.

Wherever you decide to work, having a dedicated workspace helps you get in the right mindset, establish a routine, and set clear boundaries for the people around you.

Establish Your Rates

There’s almost no limit to how much money virtual workers can make. Very skilled virtual workers with unique specialization can charge up to $100 an hour. Don’t expect to be able to charge as much when you are first starting out. You need to establish your credibility and reputation first before you can raise your rates.

When deciding on a basic rate, do your research. Find out what other virtual workers with similar skills and roles as you are making, and price your services competitively against theirs. Once you’ve built your client list and gotten good reviews and recommendations, you can begin to raise your rates.

Polish Your Resume and Portfolio

The number of virtual workers has risen significantly in the past few years, and competition can be tough. There’s always some new talent coming in, or someone who is willing to do the same job for much less than you are charging. In order for potential clients to hire you instead of anyone else, you really have to make your resume and portfolio stand out.

Keep a meticulous record of all your best and most recent work, and be sure to note your achievements. Create an eye catching yet professional looking resume with a modern template, and don’t make it too long, but as impressive as you can. This will help you get more jobs and clients.

Build Strong Relationships

You should always maintain strong, healthy working relationships, but it’s especially crucial when you’re first starting out as a virtual worker. If you are using a platform like Upwork or Freelancer, your clients will be able to review your work and recommend you as a worker. The better reviews and the more recommendations you have, the better your reputation will be and the more clients will want to hire you.

Be punctual and reliable, courteous and enthusiastic. Build strong connections with your clients and practice your networking skills so you can meet more potential clients and expand your services.

Learn New Skills

It’s important to never stop learning when you are a virtual worker. As mentioned above, the competition for jobs can be fierce these days, and having special skills or knowledge can give you an edge over other virtual workers.

Learn another language, learn to code or take a basic graphic design course. There are plenty of online training courses you can take, and a wealth of information at your fingertips on the Internet. Invest in your own knowledge and learning, and you will be a more successful virtual worker.

You determine your own success as a virtual worker. Since you won’t have a traditional boss to tell you what to do, you’ll have to make your own rules and be disciplined and organized on your own. You may have to work extra hard to establish your reputation in the beginning, but if you can perform well consistently, you’ll soon be receiving more job offers than you can accept.