How to Choose the Best Wristbands for Any Particular Event


    One of the most common forms of entry for many events is a wristband. Rather than put a stamp on every entrant’s hand, most organisers now prefer putting on wristbands. Not only do they look good, but they are also considerably easier to manage. However, the conventional wristband is a bad choice. It can easily be replicated, and unauthorised individuals will be able to enter the event. One of the best choices available is the RFID wristband. Radio frequency identification is the standard choice for event organisers nowadays, mainly because of the unique advantages that it offers over other types.  Here are some of the major advantages of RFID over other types of wristbands.

    Easy Entry

    RFID event wristbands basically store the information on a small chip. This stores identification details, as well as the pass that confirms a person’s entry into the event. All you need is a RFID reader, which is usually built into the entry gate, to allow for easy entry. This prevents the build-up of long lines at venue gates, and makes sure that entry is processed easily for every person coming to the event. If you are using conventional entry methods, such as a non-RFID wristband, you will need to assign several people to watch over those entering the venue. They will have to verify their entry on the ledger to ensure that only authorised individuals are allowed, primarily those whose payment has been confirmed. Then, you will need to use some sort of identification mark to ensure that they have entered, so that another person with the same name doesn’t try to enter your venue.


    Affordability is a major concern for event organisers because at the end of the day, every organiser wants to turn up a profit. Since a considerable amount of money is be paid to the performing artists, most event organisers try to save other ways, such as using an affordable entry method. RFID wristbands are considerably cheaper compared to other methods of entry, and are also readily available. There are plenty of local shops that sell wristbands for different kinds of events. You can easily program them for event-entry purposes, and check the serial number whenever a guest arrives at the venue.

    Bulk Quantities

    If you are hosting a big event where you expect a considerable number of attendees, you will have to take different measures. This means you will need to take measures to ensure that there are no issues with orders placed in bulk quantities. With serial RFID bands, you don’t have to worry about these details as the orders will be delivered with unique numbers.