How many keywords can you rank for on a site?


Online reputation management Los Angeles is a very competitive field. There are many companies trying to make it but their online reputation can either make them or break them. The public puts a lot of worth on reviews or content they read from strangers. Therefore, if a company has some negative results about them showing up quite high, it will have an effect on their bottom line.

To mitigate from this happening to you, there are things you can do to prevent this from occurring. One suggestion some search engine experts say is to have a site and have it optimized for a single keyword. But research has shown that this may not always be the case.

According to ahref, there are many other keywords that should rank for your page in Google. This is quite the opposite of what some search engine experts have suggested in the past since it is to optimize each page for a single keyword. On average, the highest-ranking page will also be able to rank in the top 10 for close to one thousand other relevant keywords. Keep in mind the median value is around 400 relevant keywords.

If the high-volume keywords are broken down, the study ranking for 2-3 keywords with over 1000 searches a month is very common. While ranking for over 10,000 keywords for a single webpage is a very rare occurrence.

There is one thing ranking for keywords that are similar in nature on a given site but it is something else to have the same webpage to rank for unique keywords. The study showed the number of unique keywords for a given website is extremely low.

Even when back linking, it is recommended to stick to sites that are related in the same topic as yours. Google has even penalized sites that link back to others who have no connection with each other. For example, if you have a site that sells packaging tape, it is a good idea to link to blogs or other sites that talk about the industry and can offer solutions to their readers if they stumble upon your article.

Therefore when it comes to ranking for certain keywords for a certain site, it is best to stick to similar keywords. If an online retailer has more than one different product or service available, they should be a well-known brand name by now. Otherwise, smaller players should stick to one product offering and build from there.