Helping Your Employees Stay Healthy


Having healthy employees means that they take fewer sick days and feel well and happy much of the time, which means they’re more productive at work. You can’t will someone to be healthy, of course, but you can provide him or her with all of the resources he or she needs to take care of himself or herself. As an employer, you can take a number of steps to ensure that all of your employees have access to the tools they need to stay healthy and to the care they need when they’re ill. Here are a few of the things you can to do keep your employees healthy.

Have an Exercise Area or Gym at the Office

Encourage your employees to stay healthy by having an office gym or exercise space. Some offices may not have room for an entire gym but you may be able to add a few stationary bikes and other items. You may even be able to bring in a yoga instructor once a week for a morning class. Providing employees with a walking trail around the building is another way of encouraging exercise.

You can also have standing desks or walking desks available to employees who want to use them. This helps keep your employees standing up and moving around during the day. Many doctors have pointed out the health risks of sitting for eight hours a day at work. With one of these alternative desks, you can help employees move around more often during the day.

Offer Good Healthcare Benefits

As an employer, you want to make sure the employee benefits you offer provide your employees with the best healthcare options possible. They need to be able to see a doctor quickly, get the medications they need, and have any conditions diagnosed as soon as possible so they can be treated. One of the newest options employers can offer their employees is medical videoconferencing. By making use of today’s technology, employees don’t have to wait for hours in a waiting room to see a doctor. Instead, they can go online and speak to a professional within a few minutes.

Provide Healthy Food Options

If your business has a cafeteria or café on the premises, take a look at what’s being served for lunch. Having healthy food options can give your employees the fuel they need to make it through each day. Consider doing a survey of your staff to determine what food options they would like and then talk about implementing new menus with the chef. This not only helps employees eat better but it also shows that you value their opinions, which helps with their overall job satisfaction.

Offer Employee Health Screenings

You can have a medical expert come to your office once a year to offer employee health screenings. These assessments provide basic screenings for issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, abnormal heart rhythms, and other issues. These screenings may make your employees aware of conditions they didn’t know they had. They can then start treatment for those conditions or learn how to adjust their lives to reduce the chance of the condition worsening.