Everything You Need to Know About Bain Maries


The hot water bath, known as a bainmarie, is an extremely important piece of equipment to have in your commercial kitchen. No matter what type of food you serve, this will allow you to create amazing dishes that are at once delicious and beautiful. You can use these important pieces of equipment to create perfect custards and more. Millions of kitchens utilise it every day for their clients.

Normally, a hot bath brings to mind the image of relaxation and the kitchen is the very last thing thought about. However, a kitchen hot water bath is more about food preparation than relaxation. Boiling water, hot ramekins, and delicious treats are what restaurants love to see when they need to keep their clients happy. A bainmarie is just the piece of equipment to make that happen, and there are many reasons it can be utilised in your kitchen.

Delicious Desserts

The delectable treats you create with this innovative piece of equipment will have you proudly proclaiming, “I bought my industrial Bain Marie from Butler Equipment.” A perfect flan or crème brulee will whet the appetites of your clients and keep them coming back for more. Placing your custard in a bainmarie while it bakes will ensure its quality by helping it cook evenly. Introducing even heat throughout the dish will ensure it does not dry out or split before the inside is properly cooked. Without a bainmarie your dessert may come out rubbery and cracked, making this piece of equipment crucial for any kitchen looking to keep clients happy with their desserts.

Benchtop Options

The benchtop heated bainmarie is an option that is perfect for smaller kitchens looking to keep walking space available. When you have a chef, a sous-chef, and other kitchen employees that need to be able to move freely throughout the kitchen, this option is fantastic to consider. These pieces of equipment are perfect when you want to keep your food hot and fresh for your clients. With multiple pans and an even heating system, your food will remain as delicious as the moment it was cooked to ensure clients want to return for another plate. Whether you are a restaurant that serves up fresh burritos, or offers various types of cooked meats as an entrée, these will help you ensure the quality of your food.

Refrigerated Options

When you have multiple clients to feed over the course of the day, a bainmarie designed to keep greens, fruits, and other vegetables fresh is a great piece of equipment to have. You can offer guests a delicious salad, help them choose from a fresh array of vegetables to add to their meal, and more. By keeping your fresh ingredients cool you can ensure their quality remains at the highest level before being served. Guests also love to see the fresh ingredients that go into their meals.

Impressing Clients

By keeping your ingredients out in the open for clients to see, you physically show them that you put only the best ingredients in your food. With so much pressure on restaurants to come up with healthier options, this is your way to tell guests that you care about quality. A bainmarie is your way to produce delicious desserts, show off your fresh ingredients, and keep meats and other hot ingredients ready for use.