Enroll Yourself In Site Management Safety Training Scheme For A Better Future


The Safety and the good health of employees working in any site are crucial. With, the global increase of unforeseen incidents in construction sites, the site management safety training has become a trend. Industries hire those individuals, who have this training. Moreover, many companies also offer this training course to its managers and site supervisors. This course is generally targeted towards them. The site management safety training scheme helps them to understand their responsibilities towards their team, both legally and morally.

You must undergo this training for a better future,

This training course teaches supervisors and site managers of the construction industry to understand and manage safety and health conditions on the construction sites according to the legal requirements. It’s a five-day course and during these days candidates are given both practical and theoretical knowledge. At the end of the training, the candidate has to pass an examination to get a certificate for the training and this certificate has three-year validity.

The course of this training course,

The course of this training scheme covers several topics like the occupational and health hazards, first aid, site safety training, environment, safety regulations, food safety, etc. After completing this training course, you should attend a two days refresher course to update knowledge and learn new things of site management after every five years.

The CITB smsts was set up not only to train supervisors and managers, but also for all the personals responsible for construction-related management work. This includes people such as building maintenance, fire fighting, plumbing and management of facilities.

If you don’t have time,

If you are working and don’t have enough to attend regular smsts London classes, then you can undergo for the online version of this training scheme as offered by many training institutes. Yes, there will be issues with the practical training, so you have to bear with that.

The professional,

The institute to ink to undergone the site management safety training scheme must be a government recognized to offer this five days course. It should have a team of professional tutors having numerous health and safety qualifications and has years of experience in this field to ensure their higher quality of their teaching. During the course, most institutes allocate projects in groups and are continuously assessed by the trainer. The assessment should be conducted fairly to get a better understanding of your learning. Only a training institute recognized by CITB Construction Skills Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) certificate can offer this training.

Implement the skills you have learned

At the end of the course, you have to implement the skills learned in your life-


Implement all safety, health, welfare and environment

Implement the best new industry practice and guidance

State your duties with regards to safety and health

Any employees, who want to pursue a career in the construction industry is eligible to undergo the smsts London training course irrespective whether he has any course like that or not.