Email Marketing: How to Increase Opt-ins?


Email marketing is one of the ideal ways to reach out to reach target audience in bulk. However, marketers can get better results, if they can enable their target audience to subscribe to their mailing list. Permission-based email marketing is always better when it comes to marketing ROI. However, the test lies in encouraging audience to subscribe to the newsletter. Here are certain ways that can help marketers to build email marketing list.

1) Offer freebies: The best way to build email list is by offering incentives or freebies. Company website or social media platforms are very effective medium for this kind of strategy. The logic is to convert your existing website visitors or fans/followers into email subscribers. Especially, if you have an e-commerce website, you can definitely add to your email list by offering incentives to your website users. One way is to offer discounts to your visitors/fans on their next purchase. This way, you are not only building your email list, but are also building your brand loyalty.

2) Deliver exclusive content: Exclusivity is one big factor in attracting audience to your business. The another important way to build your email list is to offer exclusive content to your audience. In this way, you make them feel exclusive and special and feeling of being special is what every customer wants.

3) Run contests: As a marketer, you need to find ways to keep your audience engaged and live. Running a contest on social media or even on website can be very effective in adding to email list. The success in online marketing comes with innovation and consistency, hence, marketers need to be consistently innovative to encourage audience to be with them always.

4) Make effective use of social media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can add value to your overall process of email list building. By delivering consistent content and engagement on these platforms, marketers can ask their fans/followers to subscribe to their email list. They can also use third party applications like MailChimp to add subscribers to their mailing list.

One has to remember, if you really want to increase your email list, create multiple opportunities of customer engagement. It may be on your website or social media, be consisting in targeting your audience with precision and relevance.