Early Pension Release, Over 55 Year Olds Can Unlock Their Savings And Funds


In April 2015, The United Kingdom (UK) pension rules have been legally modified to assist those on the verge of retirement. You can now officially take money out of your scheme for an early pension release over 55 year old people have a flexible options to unlock their pension savings for some extra cash. As per the new and amended rules, The various options provide the early retiree or other people with valid concerns to dip into their pension pot if they are 55 years or older. The legal options are safe, secure, and do not pose any difficulties or challenges in the future for any of the concerned pension fund contributors. Only specific pension schemes permit the small and medium income person to take a percentage of their contribution fund earlier than the retirement age of 60 years or over.

The early pension release is not same as the pension liberation, pension loan, or pension borrowing schemes. These schemes usually target people who are younger than 55 years by encouraging them to borrow money from their own pension fund. However, this loan has  a tax bill of 55% of borrowed money, and illegal access to the fund leads to a penalty to the tune of 70% of borrowed cash.  The pension unlocking or releasing scheme on the other hand is secure, legal, and safe. All legal pensioners who are 55 years or older can benefit from this scheme provided they follow a few safety guidelines. The pension unlocking scheme provides a large number of choices in how you go about unlocking your pension pot. The disadvantage is that you will definitely receive less cash than if you had left it intact in the pension fund for investment. The pension release is suitable for specific people under special or stressing conditions that include poor health or lowered life span.

People who are 50 years or older have to face challenging questions in their professional life. They have to decide on available options such as retirement plans, extending career lifespan, stopping the savings, or lowered working hours. Irrespective of the choice, the pension release over 55 year olds scheme is effective, flexible and customizable. Those who contribute to more than one pension fund, naturally, have more choices in mixing and matching their individual pension pots. They can  keep the funds separate and have multiple options, or combine the pension pots for a secure and reliable future with ready access to their hard earned cash or benefits. The pension unlocking scheme is a financial option, and hence requires careful consideration of all the benefits, risk factors, and tax implications. A well informed pensioner can make a wise decision so they can have a tax-efficient and trustworthy income source to see through their retirement or old age.

Various options such as leaving the pension fund untouched, using the pension fund to buy a guaranteed lifetime income or a flexible retirement income, annual small cash withdrawals or taking the whole pot,  etc., are included this scheme related to pension release over 55 year old people are invited to contact our cash advice line for friendly suggestions or quality service. Phone calls are free and you can also send an email for more information.