Dreaming of Dining, Sleeping, and Drinking in Thailand


The Land of Smiles is a country driven by its hospitality industry. Every year, over 26 million people visit Thailand for holiday, vacation, business, or even for long-term travel. These people come for the delicious food, incredible culture, and the beautiful natural scenery that Thailand has to offer. Holidaymakers flock to beaches, sip on Tiger beer, and trek the dense Thai jungles during their vacations. From Chiang Mai in the north to Koh Lipe in the far south, there are so many incredible places to see and so many enriching experiences to have.

With thousands of foreign visitors landing in Thailand each day, there is potential for Thai nationals to capture a huge amount of revenue through the hospitality industry. Visitors rely on services such as taxis, tour groups, and booking agents to move from place to place in Thailand. They also eat at restaurants, drink at bars and clubs, and sleep in guesthouses and hotels. Thias are able to make a quality and stable income from the tourism industry, which is growing each year.

Where to Begin

However, it can be difficult to know where to begin when creating a new venue, hotel, or resort. It begins with finding the right space in the right location. After that, those in the hospitality industry need to consider design decisions, furniture and decor, the hiring of staff, menu finalization, and still be able to provide attention to the finishing touches and unexpected issues. In order to complete this process, many Thais and foreign investors spend a considerable amount of money during the construction process. This dream hospitality destination needs to be a success for these investors to see a return on their initial expenses.

Due to the dense infrastructure, it can be difficult to gain traction in the tourism industry in Thailand. The most visited places such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Koh Samui already have a number of bars, countless restaurants, and every sort of hotel imaginable. Therefore, when creating a new venue, expanding, or revamping an old concept, it often comes down to providing something previously unseen in Thailand. Differentiating a venue’s aesthetics and functionality are the best ways to set a location apart from the competition.

Seek Some Support

Hiring a marketing agency to develop a strategy for branding and marketing your business is an important aspect with regard to obtaining success. Hospitality branding or in Thai การสร้างแบรนด์ features certain unique qualities that experts utilize in order to find success for their clients. An agency such as Pam Plus Plus, that specializes in the hospitality industry and has significant prior experience in Thailand, is a great resource for new or expanding restaurants, bars, and hotels in the Thai market. Expertise in the hospitality industry allows marketing agencies to provide sound advice and comprehensive plans that are not based on guesswork and gut feelings, but based on prior successes and positive outcomes.

Pam Plus Plus is capable of conducting market analysis, determining market position, developing advertising strategies, developing an online marketing strategy, and engaging in effective public relations practices. All of these business tasks are often unknown to the average restaurateur and uninteresting to a hotelier. However, a solid and sophisticated marketing strategy can be the difference between a successful enterprise and a failing venue.

Not only is it important that an agency understands the industry, but it is also vital that they know the Thai market, the wants and needs of a Thai visitor, and how to reach these individuals efficiently. Thailand has built a global presence as a friendly and hospitable place to visit, and with the right marketing tools, a restaurant, bar, resort, or hotel is able to show visitors how that tradition continues today.