Does the Office Environment Really Impact Employee Morale


If you are developing plans for a new fit-out for your office space, you need to plan the area so that it positively affects employee productivity. Keep in mind that some office workers need to easily communicate, whilst other employees need a quiet space. Other staff members may need to talk openly with others without disturbing the people working in cubicles.

How to Increase Employee Morale

You may not realise it, but the way your office is set up can mark the difference between sluggish employees and increased productivity. Studies show that the following fit-out plans can help you increase employee morale.

  • For example, one study found that multiple computer screens enhance efficiency and productivity by as much as 50%, especially when it comes to such computerised tasks as cutting and pasting.
  • Comfortable, well-ventilated areas that are well-lit also support an increase in morale. Studies show productivity increases by as much as 16% whilst job satisfaction jumps up 24%. These types of workplace surroundings, in turn, reduce the incidences of absenteeism.
  • In addition, workers who work in windowed offices were shown to expend 15% more time focusing on tasks than colleagues who worked in windowless environments.

A Reduction in Productivity

Studies also show how poor planning can lower employee morale. For example, office environments that are not well-ventilated often result in decreased productivity. Environments that handle a large volume of documents also produce the same effect. In fact, several studies confirm that an average person in an office wastes just over four hours per week looking for paperwork. Expectedly, this type of activity also adds frustration and stress to the workplace environment. In addition, frequently searching for papers reduces creative thinking and concentration.

Therefore, places like One Stop Office Interiors can assist you in fitting out an office space in a way that will improve the work performance of your staff. Office fit-out companies first listen to your needs and requirements and then conduct a full site survey. After this part of the process, you can see some of your concepts begin to come to life. A site build ensues using innovations, such as 3D technology.

What You Need to Focus on When Fitting Out a Space

Knowing how ventilation, lighting, and space all figure into office productivity can help you make a renovation that will reap positive results. Therefore, you want to focus on three key areas when you fit out an office. These areas include furniture, lighting, and your company’s culture.

A productive office requires more than just office chairs, desks, or computers. Before you select the furnishings, you also need to minimise the clutter. Make sure you provide filing cabinets and folders to employees so they don’t spend as much time shuffling papers.

Also, seek out ergonomic chairs. An uncomfortable chair can lower productivity and increase back pain, so you need to consider the welfare of you employees. Also, remember that differing workstations have varying needs. So, you need to cater your workstation to the goals and responsibilities of each specific department.

When it comes to lighting, try to seek out a space that offers a good deal of natural light. Steer away from overhead lighting, which can lead to such maladies as fatigue, eye strain, and headaches.