Digital Marketing Tips for 2018


Digital marketing trends are always evolving and it’s crucial to keep up with the latest ones. There is more to marketing than delivering the right message to your target audience. Other things must be put in place in order to survive competition and keep booming. At times, having a basic understanding of how SEO works won’t be enough. Working with PPC management specialists can really go a long way in boosting your site organic traffic. This will in turn assist in generating more leads. As you prepare a digital marketing plan for 2018, check out some of the areas that you need to focus on.

  • Video content

Most social media channels now have features that allow users to stream live videos. Instagram Stories and Facebook Live are popular examples and they are used by brands in a number of ways. Smart brands use video to unveil a new product, introduce members of their team or give a peek into their daily operations. Your audience can even share the video content with their friends, thereby creating an awareness for your brand. Due to the fact that video content has proven to be a powerful marketing tool over time, it is gaining popularity every day. You will still need to create and share high quality content in other formats.

  • Mobile marketing

Google’s mobile-first index is slated to be unveiled early next year. Now is the best time to optimize your website for mobile. The markup and primary content for desktop is still different from mobile on some sites. Make the necessary changes and include the mobile version of your site in Search Console if you’re yet to do that. It has been predicted that more brands will integrate voice search into their mobile marketing strategy next year. So, it’s worth considering.  

  • Social marketing  

The importance of social media in digital marketing can’t be underscored. It plays a huge role in improving the online visibility of businesses. Brands of all sizes and their customers are active on at least one social media platform. You can collaborate with influencers in order to grow your business. The most important thing is to choose the right ones. Invest more on the platform with a higher conversion rate in the coming year.  

  • High conversion rate

Apart from knowing the demographics of your target audience, take a look at the factors that influence their buying decisions. Find out how they engage with your content while maximizing the services provided by Converted to improve your ROI. Customers will likely visit your competitors if it takes time to get what they are looking for. A high conversion rate can be guaranteed when you offer your customers an excellent user experience each time that they visit your site.

  • Track your progress

While you create marketing goals and work towards them, remember to measure metrics. Taking this approach helps to reveal the success rate of your digital marketing campaigns. It also shows the marketing channel with the highest ROI and how to allocate your digital marketing budget. Metrics that must be measured include bounce rate, traffic sources, engagement and referrals.

Although you can experiment with different marketing strategies, don’t expect every one of them to be effective. Discover what works best for your brand and improve on it.