Different Exclusive Marine Solutions Offered By Red 7 Marine


Red 7 Marine is a company that offers maritime, inland subsea and offshore marine and engineering construction services. It came into being in the year 2007 and has its location in Manningtree, UK. Expert in its field of operation, reliable, innovative, responsive, experienced, safe and flexible, this company offers a diverse assortment of marine services and has a proven record of getting the job done first time. The company uses fully-qualified, competent and multi-skilled workforce when it comes to providing the best marine solutions and services. A specialist in marine and subsea construction services, the company takes pride in delivering the highest standards in everything that it does.

Experience, Excellence and Safety- The Watchwords

Red 7 Marine is one of the leading providers of offshore and inshore diving, subsea and coastal engineering and marine constructions solutions for a huge client base. The client base of the company generally includes marine renewable, offshore, private and inshore framework sectors. It owns and operates the most compliant and up-to-date subsea equipment and diving systems that offer added safety and value to all the projects handled by the company. It is one of those organisations that prioritize quality management, safety and health. These are things that remain at the core of each and every project handled by the company. It is one of those paramount sources of delivering cost-effective and safe solutions. The company works with the motive of managing the ever-evolving changes in marine environment. It is fully dedicated to ongoing reviews, audits and training for ensuring perfect results within stipulated deadlines. Individuals visiting this company can expect turnkey solutions for all underwater and maritime construction projects.

Basic Services Offered by Red7

Some of the most basic services offered by Red7 include:

  • Offshore marine consultancy and engineering
  • Inshore diving and surface construction and inspection
  • Subsea marine inspection and construction
  • Offshore gas & oil support
  • Support in umbilical and marine cable lay operations
  • Assistance in renewable energy installations and wind farm constructions
  • Diving operations
  • ROV operations

Inshore Diving

The company is one of the leading diving contractors in UK specialising in coastal and inland marine construction and inspection support services. Some services offered in the inshore diving category include:

  • Slipway inspection, repair and installation
  • Outfall pipeline inspection, repair and installation
  • Demolition of marine constructions
  • Grout and concrete placement
  • Scour protection
  • Inspection of all marine structures below and above water
  • Recovery and salvage
  • Frond mattresses

Offshore Diving

Services offered in the field of offshore diving include:

  • Wet welding and pipeline repairs
  • Subsea well maintenance and inspection
  • Dropped object surveys
  • Corrosion assessment, monitoring and protection
  • Pipeline repair, stabilisation and inspection
  • Rope access

Offshore Renewables

The company has extensively worked in the industry serving marine renewables and has successfully supported innumerable European assignments. It has extensive expertise in and knowledge of site operating and construction management requirements.

The diverse variety available in the service section of Red 7 Marine proves the fact that it is one of the most perfect choices when it comes to getting marine constructions solutions and services.