Cultivating a Healthy Workplace with ValueMags

Group of happy business people in a meeting at office

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company based out of Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in print entertainment. To be more specific, magazines. The small company partners with magazine publishers and offer free magazines to these magazine publisher’s clients. The company works towards not only promoting magazines but acquiring new clients for ValueMags’s main client: magazine publishers. Among the many aspects of their company that employees praise ValueMags for, employees are especially please with the overall company environment. There are many benefits of a healthy workplace. The most important and most recognizable is a successful company. In short, a company with happy employees also has performing employees. If employees are happy with their job, they will work towards a common goal of success with their colleagues. Some of the factors of cultivating a healthy workplace include:

  • receiving positive reinforcement for work done. This could be in the form of bonuses of “employee of the month” awards
  • having a feeling of acceptance, understanding, belonging
  • promoting positivity and feeling a positive vibe in the workplace
  • getting along with one’s colleagues and bonding in and out of the workplace
  • feeling safe and secure physically, financially, and socially
  • having access to helpful resources or having the opportunity to say whether of not they need other or better resources

Many companies have trouble doing the simple list above. ValueMags is one of a few that has it down because they work with a tight and small team of individuals. Small teams allow for more effective work to be done. Contact ValueMags to understand what the best approach is to developing a similar environment.