Choosing the right telephone system for small business

telephone system

There are a number of different telephone systems for small business available in the market. Many company owners do not pay heed to choosing the right one and as a result they end up troubling themselves financially and operationally. The phone system is one of the most critical elements in your company. It is primary means with which the customers and suppliers will contact you. It is major way with which the inter business communication will take place. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to it.

Choose according to the staff

Think of your business working in four to five years from now. You may start with 4 5 staff members and a simple two line system will be enough to support them. However, as your company grow, you won’t be able to infuse more models into it and as a result you will have to change the system from scratch. Therefore, consider how many staff members in your company will be in need of a phone 4 5 years from now and make your choice accordingly.

Take a look at the features

Next up is a peek at different features that the phone model will offer to you. There are various telephone systems for small business and each of them come with a diverse range of features. Think of what are the different things that you need in your company; stuff that will make your business work faster. For instance, there may be an auto attendant or a receptionist. You may like to add the feature of conference call. Or even voice mails may be required. So, make a checklist of what are the different things that you need in your system and select phone model keeping these in mind.

Geographic location matters

There are companies that work with various geographic locations. Therefore, the demand of system is unique and set of requirements is different. In a single office, or a simple building, installation of a phone system will be easy. However, as you vary the physical location, you may have to purchase expansive hardware and pay hefty amount to get the desired telephone structure.

PBX systems and VOIP systems

The PBX will use a central system and a piece of hardware that will receive phone lines from utilities. Then it will transfer them to the relevant department where the individual will be able to attend it. They are scalable and easy to use. However, the installation and programming of such systems can be a little expensive. The alternate to these phones are VOIP systems and SIP phones which are easy to set up. However, they do not have a central receiving system and each phone will require expensive hardware to be purchased so that you can use it. Which one you are going to choose totally depends on the requirements. Always keep the big picture in your mind i.e. long term requirements before you select the one among many telephone systems for small business.

Test before you settle

Before you settle on a system, make sure that you test it. It may require you to get technical matters in your hand or pay installer a little extra amount. However, testing the system before you settle for it assures that it complies with your needs and you exactly have what you wish for.