Advantages Of Unsecured Business Loan

While considering a business environment financial ups and downs are more famous. In order to manage the financial needs, the business people move in search of business loans. There are different types of business loans which can help the business people during the financial crisis. Among these loans, the unsecured business loans are highly preferred. This is because the formalities and restrictions for getting this loan are very simple that everyone who is under financial crisis can obtain them. But this is not the only reason for why these types of loans are very famous among the business world. Some of the advantages which can be enjoyed through unsecured business loan are discussed in this article. People who are about to approach this kind of loan for the first time can make use of the following discussion.

Easy to obtain

As mentioned above, the unsecured loans are very easy to obtain when compared to other loan formalities. This is one of the most important benefits which have attracted the business people to a greater extent. Since the loan is easy to obtain, they can be easily hired even in case of any emergency. Thus, the business people can meet their financial needs at right time without any delay. There is nothing to bother even if they have no collateral property for getting loan. Obviously since no property is involved in the loan the business people can remain secure even after getting this loan.

Open ended

The other benefit with unsecured fund is they do not involve any end date. The borrowers can end the loan anytime according to their financial convenience. Since there is no pre determined date, the borrowers will not have any stress and tension in repaying the loan. They can manage their funds gradually in order to repay their loan amount. In case, if they have attained greater profits within short span of time, they can repay the loan and can end the debt without any constraint. This tends to provide greater reliability for all the people who are moving towards unsecured loan. Being stress free also helps them to focus on their business development to a greater extent.

Less risk

Today many people hesitate to hire a loan just because of the risk factors involved in it. But it is to be noted that this will not be a great deal while considering the unsecured business loans. To reveal the fact no risk is involved in this kind of business loan. People who don’t want to get trapped in the financial crisis can rely on this kind of loan without any restriction. The only thing which is to be noted is they must approach the right source for getting this loan. This is because the unsecured loans are not offered by all the financial lenders. Hence the lenders who are capable of providing such loan should be pointed out and must be approached accordingly. Before getting the loan, their terms and conditions can also be referred to remain secure.


Before getting started to our article, we would like to give you some brief information about the taxation system in Turkey. Basically, income taxes are explained in 2 major topics by Turkish Tax Legislation:

  • Personal Income Tax
  • Corporation Income Tax

The individuals are liable of Personal Income Tax. As per Tax Legislation, income is defined as the sum of individual’s revenue and earnings per calendar year. Turkish Income Tax Law considered below stated factors within the calculation of “income tax”:

  • Commercial earnings
  • Agricultural earnings
  • Salary and Wages
  • Professional/ self-employed earnings
  • Income from immovable properties
  • Income from movable capitals
  • Miscellaneous earnings

If you are working in Turkey as a foreigner, you will generally be liable for taxation regardless being considered as resident or non-resident in Turkey. Having said that, residency criterion has crucial point when it comes to determining tax liabilities of individual foreigners: If you are considered as resident –if your domicile is in Turkey-, taxation will be applicable to your world-wide income which also be named as “unlimited liability”. In conclusion, you will be treated as a full tax payer.

We assume you are wondering how is it possible to determine the residency which may not be easy to do sometimes. Even if you do not have a domicile but you reside in Turkey more than 6 months in one year, you will be assumed as a resident in Turkey. However, it is also possible to prove that you are staying in Turkey for 6 months or more per year for a particular reason such as business, you will be distinguished and won’t be treated as resident and unlimited tax liability won’t be applicable for you. For more info on the matter, you can read:

On the other hand, if you are assumed as a non-resident you will only be liable of taxation on your income which is arising in Turkey and you will be treated as a limited taxpayer.

Turkey is counted as one of the most competitive countries regarding the sales tax rate between OECD (organization for economic cooperation and development) countries. Turkish Tax Regulations are intelligible and comprehensible by containing objective and beseem to international standards.

If you are a foreigner worker in Turkey, regardless being a resident or non-resident in Turkey, please bear that you will generally be liable for taxation. However the crucial point is, taxation for foreigners divide into two as per Turkish Tax Law: you can either be a full tax payer or limited tax payer. This article aims to provide you with some further information about these two.

Why an Extended Warranty Is Worth It

Companies have a lot of ways to earn a lot of money from your purchase, and one of these is to offer you an extended warranty. This guarantee tends to have a longer timeframe than the basic and wider coverage, which may not be supported by the product’s primary warranty. However, it can also be expensive. Before you get one, ask yourself this question: “Is an extended warranty worth it?”

why an extended warranty is worth it

If you aren’t sure if you’re getting an extended warranty, then these may convince you to do so:

1. It gives you peace of mind.

To be more specific, it provides you with a more financial security and stability. There’s nothing more worrisome than the thought you may end up paying thousands of dollars for a valuable product like a car that stops working properly. Extended warranties can cover costly repairs and replacement of parts.

2. You don’t have sufficient insurance.

Depending on the insurance, it can be optional or a necessity. Take, for example, car insurance, which is a requirement before you can drive. Every state has its laws on the minimum coverage you should get, and insurance companies can have its specific conditions before you can buy a policy. Because of the complexity of owning a car insurance, there’s a good chance your coverage may not be enough. The same thing goes with contents or home insurance, which usually doesn’t include electrical damages.

Although your extended warranty cannot take over the role of these insurance policies, they can supplement, and if you choose wisely, they can be cheaper than buying more coverage.

Consider the Following as Well

Despite the bad rap it’s been getting, extended warranties are not evil, but you have to make it worth every penny you spend. To do that, you need to balance the advantages above with the following considerations and find out why an extended warranty is worth it:

1. Price and Reliability of Products

Thanks to science and technology, products these days, especially electronics and appliances, are more reliable than several years ago. This may mean the chances of actually using the extended warranty are slim. Not only that, competition has made them a lot cheaper. In other words, sometimes it may be more economical to buy a new product than pay for an extended warranty.

2. Consumer Laws

The state protects you from misleading advertising from manufacturers, as well as faulty or defective products. The process of asking for refunds, replacements, or repairs under these laws may be difficult, but getting what you deserve in the end is not impossible.

These laws can vary between states, so don’t forget to approach your local consumer rights agency for specific information.

3. Coverage of the Warranty

Extended warranties don’t guarantee everything, so it’s still possible you have to spend for the repair or maintenance of the product.

The decision whether to buy an extended warranty depends on you, but know what matters to you. If you believe you cannot put a price tag to peace of mind and financial stability, then say yes to extended warranties.

To buy or not to buy an extended warranty, that is the question. Let our experts at tell you why an extended warranty is worth it.

Should I skimp my premium or declare the correct IDV?

Though most people are enthusiastic about buying a new vehicle for convenience, the associated motor insurance clause is a dampener. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 mandates every vehicle to be insured under a valid insurance policy. As such, though you shirk away from an all-important life or health insurance policy, you are out of options when it comes to a motor insurance policy. With a heavy heart, you part with your precious money and insure your vehicles under a motor insurance policy. Even then, you try and skimp your premiums. Are there ways to do that?

Actually, there are! By opting for a lower Insured Declared Value (IDV), you can successfully lower the motor insurance premium of your vehicle. But, is choosing a lower IDV wise?

Before understanding the wisdom of choosing a low IDV, let us first understand what IDV is.

What is IDV?

IDV stands for Insured Declared Value and acts as a Sum Assured of your motor insurance policy. IDV is relevant in case of comprehensive motor insurance policies which cover both the third party legal liability as well as any damage suffered by you and your vehicle. IDV is computed as the current market price (excluding registration costs and insurance) of your vehicle less the applicable depreciation. According to the Motor Vehicles Tariff, the rate of depreciation for calculating IDV depends on the age of your car and is as follows:

Age of the car Applicable rate of depreciation
Less than 6 months 5%
6 months to 1 year 15%
1 year to 2 years 20%
2 years to 3 years 30%
3 years to 4 years 40%
4 years to 5 years 50%

The IDV for vehicles above 5years are determined on a mutual agreement between the vehicle owner and the insurance company.

Why is IDV important?

Though the rate of depreciation is stated, most insurance companies have their own computation tools and calculate IDV as per their policies. That is why you would find different IDVs for your same vehicle when you compare motor insurance policies. IDV affects your premium rate. Lower the IDV lower would be your premium and vice versa. As IDV affects the premium rate, most of you tend to skimp on your premiums by declaring or choosing a lower IDV. But, choosing the correct IDV is important because –

  • You get IDV in case of loss or theft of your vehicle

Though you might be a very careful driver and try hard to prevent your vehicle against accidents, you cannot avoid the risk of theft. If your vehicle gets stolen and is untraceable, the insurance company pays the IDV of your policy and settles the claim. Once chosen, the IDV reduces every year. If you have chosen a lower IDV then, when your vehicle is stolen, you get a very low claim settlement from the insurance company. Such a low amount of claim puts a strain on your pockets when you replace your lost vehicle with a new one.

  • You get the IDV in case of total loss of your vehicle

If your vehicle is damaged beyond repairs or if the estimated cost of repairs is more than 70% or 75% of the IDV, it is considered as ConstructiveTotal Loss (CTL). In case of CTL, the IDV, after deducting the wreck value, is paid to you. If you have chosen a lower IDV and your vehicle has suffered a constructive total loss, you would get very little compensation from your motor insurance policy.

Thus, choosing the correct IDV is very important. Though IDV varies across insurers, you can negotiate the IDV with the insurer and settle on an appropriate amount before you buy the policy. Yes, your premiums would increase depending on the IDV but the value of your vehicle would be intact. What is the meaning of saving a few hundred on premium if you would face thousands in loss when your vehicle is stolen or damaged completely?

To choose the correct IDV, compute the estimated IDV yourself depending on the market price of your vehicle and the relevant depreciation. After estimating your IDV, go online, compare between the different motor insurance plans available and choose the one with an IDV nearest to your estimate. Coverfox is an online platform which lets you compare the IDVs of various motor insurance policies before you buy one. So, be wise and don’t skimp your premium. Declare the correct IDV and protect the value of your vehicle.

How to calculate term life insurance quotes

Rishabh was looking to buy a term life insurance plan. He was the sole bread-winner of his family with his wife and kids depending on his income. He, thus wanted to ensure financial security for his family, even when he would not be around. His financial advisor asked him to opt for a term life insurance plan. The plan would let him opt for a high coverage level while at the same time keeping premium rates low and affordable. Rishabh decided to invest in a term plan, but wanted to compare the plans before taking the plunge. He didn’t know how to compare and buy a plan. On inquiring, his financial advisor suggested a correct course of action.

Term life insurance quotes can now be easily calculated online. But, do you know how?
Many people find it difficult to calculate term life insurance quotes. The fact is it is easy. Here is a step-by-step guide for calculating the premium rates of term life insurance plans.

•        Go online and find a term life insurance calculator

The first step is to choose an online marketplace for calculating the potential premium rate of a term life insurance quote. Coverfox is one such online medium which lets you calculate term life insurance quotes. You can visit and use its online term life insurance calculator. Some simple details are to be provided after which, when you hit ‘View Quote’, you can see the different term insurance plans, their coverage details and premium rates.

•      Enter the relevant details
Obviously, after you go online and find a term life insurance calculator, the next logical step is entering your personal details. These details are used to calculate the optimal level of Sum Assured which you should take and also the rate of premium payable. So, what are the details which are required to be furnished? Here they are:

  • Your gender – you would have to provide your gender – whether you are a male or a female. Your gender is an important consideration in the calculation of your premium rate. Insurers, usually, charge a lower rate of premium for females. So, if you are a female and insuring your life under a term plan, you would be charged a lower rate of premium than your male counterpart.
  • Your age – your age is the primary determinant of your term life insurance premium. Your age determines your risk. The older you are, the higher would be your risk and also your premium. So, your age would have to be provided in the calculator for calculating your premium.
  •  Your income – the next required detail would be your annual income. Your annual income helps in calculating the optimal level of Sum Assured for you. This Sum Assured would be then used to calculate the premium rate. There is, usually, a range of income available in the calculator and you should choose a range which includes your annual income.


  • Whether you use tobacco – the last question asked, which determines the premium, is whether you smoke cigarettes or consume tobacco in any form or not. Consuming tobacco has a bad effect on your health and increases your death risk. It, thus, affects the rate of premium charged for your term insurance policy. So, you should enter ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ when asked whether you use tobacco or not.


  • Your contact details – the last detail which you would be asked to furnish would be your contact details. Online calculators ask for your mobile number and your email id. These details are asked so that the representative of the website can call you and assist you in buying a term insurance plan.

After you provide these details, you would be able to view term life insurance quotes. You can see the company, the assumed Sum Assured for which the quotes are displayed and also the features and benefits of the term plans. You can compare the quotes against the scope of coverage of the plan and then choose a plan as per your requirement.

As stated earlier, Coverfox also helps you in calculating term life insurance quotes. Besides showing the plan details and the premium rates, Coverfox also shows you the Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR) of the company offering the term plan. The CSR shows the company’s claim settlement record and helps you in buying a plan from the company with the best CSR. Moreover, you can change the Sum Assured, tenure, choose riders and the premium paying frequency and new quotes would be shown as per your customization.
Wasn’t calculating term life insurance quotes easy? Rishabh found a term plan for his requirement, what about you?

Grace Jackson Suntrust Guides You on Making Better Financial Investments Deals

Financial investments are essentially meant for the professional players of this field. That is factual. However, people who have already tried their hands in financial investing know well that one can easily get lucrative returns, if the investments are made well. As per the experts in the estate field, there are quite a number of ways to earn significant profits in the estate covenants. You can earn a handsome amount of profit, if you feel that the place where you have invested is quite profitable.

For an apprentice in the field of financial investment, there are many pitfalls and challenges to encounter. Nevertheless, if he/she is able to take the chance and is conceptually prepared to bear the risk, there is definitely much to learn and a lot to earn. In the long run, however, when he or she has gathered some experience, he can become a financial investment master finishing quite a number of profitable estate deals.

Grace Jackson Suntrust is a financial service professional with a meticulous expertise in the field of wealth management. According to her, if you want to be a good competitor in the fields of financial investment, you need to obtain few skills beforehand, which can benefit you to be a real highflier in the field of estate. There are a few skills that are required for investing in a real estate deal, which are required for a profitable investments deal.

  • Learn how to find the right sellers-

You should be aware of when and how to find serious sellers, as these reliable sellers can help you to earn a turnover in the field of real estate. Make certain the sellers are of high status, as if you are investing for the first time; this may cause the investing at risk.

  • Gain expertise in all the fields gyrating around the real estate investment-

While you are closing a financial investment deal, learn to be a master negotiator.While you are a beginner, you try to acquire the skills of how to deal with the real investment matters. Nonetheless, all your effort goes in vain when you are not able to negotiate well and end up with high prices. For that, it is quite essential to acquire adeptness in closing the estate investment transactions.

  • Capable to analyze estate investment deals accurately-

If you are proficient in analyzing the financial deal, you will be able to cognize how and where to deal perfectly. This will aid you to be a gainer in a long run, as you can calculate the hazards to some extent.

  • Grow understanding on the estate investments and the monetary risks involved-

If you are able to comprehend what the concept behind the financial investment is and the benefits and risks involved, you can easily be a master of this field. This understanding can be established easily by educating yourself in this arena.

As Grace Jackson Suntrust says, in order to gain proficiency in the financial investment field, you must obtain expertise in all the areas, which encompasses the financial investment. You must be aware of the terms and lingo used in the financial investment world.

How Can You Make Your Financial Planning Trouble-free With Life Insurance Plans?

At present life insurance policies are not just limited to offering financial benefits on the death of the policy holders to his near and dear ones. The life insurance plans presently offered by providers have many other paybacks attached to them; long term saving plans being the most striking one. Below cited are the diverse types of life coverage plans and the additional benefits they come with.

Barry Bulakites is an IRA expert, and is proficient on the ins and outs of retirement planning. He began his profession with Equitable Life of US in New York City and he accepted a position with Mutual of New York after nine years.

Child Plans: Child plans are a hugely popular life insurance product. Such policies are designed remembering the needs of children that parents would not want to compromise on. All parents consider buying a policy for their children, when they choose a child plan it serves more than one function. Such a plan for your child will act like a mediclaim as well as a savings option. The profits are guaranteed at the maturity period which then can be used for determining the future of your child.

Retirement plans: To make post retirement period economically independent for individuals are retirement plans. These plans provide life coverage and on the other hand aid policy holders plan their retirement well in advance. The maturities of such policies are when the policy holder reaches his retirement age. This way the policy holder is confident about receiving a good amount at his retirement and can enjoy the profit. Hence such a policy will assure its holders a worry-free post retirement life minus any reliance on others and cost cutting.

Growth plans: For individuals who want to make the most of their investments and wish to play safe too are growth plans. Growth plans offer elasticity to the policy holders in terms of policy tenure, money investment, premium payments etc. The premiums paid for such a policy are then invested in the investment markets and the incomes earned are shared with the policy buyers. The investments are done astutely keeping in mind the instability of the markets and keeping the hard earned money of individuals safe. The basic life coverage is also incorporated in these plans. For individuals who wish to invest in the capital markets and earn extra income, growth plans are the suitable option.

Saving plans: Each person wishes to save money to carry out needs he/she may come across at a later stage in life, savings plans are simply right for such purposes. In such plans the premiums are to be paid at normal intervals by the policy holders and the up to a definite period of time and during the maturity period a lump sum amount with the interest earned is handed over to him. Saving based life insurance plans give the policy holders the advantage of life coverage and also the possibility of accumulating finances for future.

Thus, the scope of life insurance plans has widened giving policy holders more than what they have gone for. Funding marriage or child’s education, retirement planning, earning additional money through capital market investments; all this and a lot more can be done in a methodical manner if you choose a unswerving retirement life insurance plan and provider like Barry Bulakites .

Research on Equity Release Programs Is Essential Before Making a Decision

Equity release programs have been around a while but there are still a lot of people who know little or nothing about them. Equity release programs allow you to take part of the equity in your home and turn it into extra cash each month. Although it is a simple and popular program that offers few, if any, complications, it is always recommended that you research the programs thoroughly before making a final decision. Fortunately, this is not a difficult thing to do because information on these programs is everywhere so becoming informed is very easy. It is also crucial before making a final decision on this program because as with any financial decision, you want to be sure that this is the right one for you.

Just the Facts

Equity release programs are very popular among older individuals and with good reason. Once you reach a certain age and if you are a homeowner, you stand a very good chance of being eligible for one of these programs. Instead of paying your mortgage each month, you actually get cash back and you can use this money to pay for almost anything including taking a holiday, helping a loved one with college tuition, or simply paying off a few bills. Best of all, the money is tax-free, and since you still own your home, you can live there as long as you like. If you visit websites such as, you can find out more details about these programs. If you are 55 or over it behoves you to check them out because they can provide a little extra cash right when you need it in your life.

No Need to Downsize

With an equity release program, every part of your life goes on just as it did before except that instead of paying a mortgage payment every month, you get money back. You can stay in your home, you still own the home, and as long as you live, this remains so. If you are retired, the equity release program is especially attractive because you are likely without an income at this point and therefore need some extra cash. You can buy a new car, make some home renovations, or do anything else that you’ve been wanting to do but couldn’t because you didn’t have the time or the money. When you are retired and participating in an equity release program, you will have both of these.

A Few More Details

When you need extra cash and decide to participate in an equity release program, you gain a lot of advantages but perhaps the biggest advantage is that you can get extra money each month. Naturally, you will want to explore these programs further before signing anything, but for most people there is really no downside to the equity release program. Meeting with a financial advisor or banking institution is a great place to start because together you can decide whether this plan is right for you so that you can proceed from there.

The Fundamentals of Private Equity

Private equity is medium to long-term finance offered in response for an equity stake in possibly high growth unquoted companies. Private equity is a comprehensive word which usually refers to any sort of non-public Ownership Equity securities.

Private Equity is a technique by which companies can be possessed and fresh capital can be elevated for investment. Companies can be owned by families or entrepreneur or the government. They can be listed on stock exchanges or, they can be equity firms. Like any other company, equities also may be large or small. Most equity investments are for SMEs i.e. small to medium enterprises. Investment in equity is impending as a great wealth management strategy for individuals and businesses with a high net worth. Even though private equity firms provide funds needed to run the business like as venture capitalists, there are some major differences.

  • Private Equity comprises of equity securities in business entities that are not traded publicly on a stock exchange.
  • It invests with the objective of making considerable returns on their investments. Generally the private equity firms invest in well-established, mature public companies where any chance of fatalities for a long term investment is close to no one.
  • Private Equity firms tend to buy large stakes in a company that can be even 100% unlike the venture capitalists

Apart from these things, a private equity firm places in large investments which usually manages hundreds of millions dollars and it also combines equity as well as debt. Thus, it can be said that private equity firms have a critical role in moving the business wheel. They offer businesses with funds which they need to keep expanding or moving themselves without any need to visit banks for costly loans or to raise money at stock exchanges. Venture capital funds offer the early stage businesses and startups with vital financial support.

Advantages of Private Equity Funds:

  • It can be utilized to expand working capital.
  • It is beneficial when it comes to easing acquisitions and mergers.
  • It is a great way to get funds for start-ups and small businesses that have not received grants or loans
  • Funds received via private equity are vital for the growth of industry and the growth of innovative products.

Hence, private equity funds are excellent investment choices for organizations in search of long-term investment in projects that will bring in great returns.

Robert Stefanowski is a senior financial leader with more than two decades of experience in Private Equity and Corporate Finance. As of now, he is working as CEO in DFC Global, A Lone Star Company and has been working as Managing Partner and Chairman of Asia and the Americas for 3i Group plc. He has vast knowledge about private equity and says that forming a private equity fund is a perfect option for small business owners who have not been able to source funds for their long running business or start-ups from any other source.

Robert Stefanowski has completed MBA in Finance from Cornell University and is a member of the adjunct faculty at Imperial College, Cambridge University and London Business School.

Microfinance – the Way to Alleviate Poverty

Being poor is not a choice, it is an unfortunate situation, crying over which is of no use; instead efforts should be made so that one can take oneself out of it and get placed in a better way in life. Just like those above the poverty level, the ones below the poverty level also deserve the same things that life has to offer; it is just the latter ones have to work a bit harder than the former lot.

It is all about being interested in upgrading your life situation. Those interested have several options open before them, one of which is approaching a non-profit organization, which are particularly dedicated to the upliftment of the poor people and making them self sufficient. The Mercy foundation, of which Joe Johnson Welfont is a part, is one such organization that provides the facility of micro finance to these people so that they can start a new life for themselves.

The women are especially gratified by this endeavor of this organization which strives to make the life of the poor people better and in a way eradicate poverty from the society, and as a consequence developing the nation on the whole. Located in Tampa, Florida, the experts of this foundation come forward and help those in need of funding to start their own business.

One thing worthy of mention for this foundation is that it does not depend on donations by the rich people to fund the poor families; they have enough funds to finance these needy people and help them come out of the vicious circle of poverty.

The microfinance is all about providing small financial loans to the people to give a kick start to the business they wish to set up. Once the business gets rolling, these people become self sufficient and are able to slowly pay back their loan to the organization and at the same time make profits for themselves. This gives them a sense of confidence and increases their self worth drastically. The financial security further helps them start saving for the future and in no time, they are able to rise above the situation and no longer need to call themselves poor.

 The micro finances provided by the non-profit organizations like Mercy Foundation with which Joe Johnson Welfont is associated, are something about which people need to be educated and made aware of. This is again a task for the experts at the foundation premises. They make known to the people how to go about acquiring the finances through this process and how the loan system works.

The concept of micro financing has been successfully providing financial freedom as well as stability to a lot of people which is why it is becoming rather popular and steadily moving towards alleviating the living conditions of the so called ‘poor’ section of the society. Finally, there is some system by which the less fortunate people can even think of rising up the social ladder. This will surely be a beginning to eradicating a lot of social vices as well.