3 Tips for Business Expansion: Growing the Right Way

In July, the confidence of UK businesses sunk to a six-month lowagainst the backdrop of Brexit. This was only to be expected given the way in which recent negotiations have stalled, of course, while it may discourage British firms from investing in expansion in the coming months.

This would be a mistake, however, as with an organic growth plan and sustainable techniques it remains possible to expand your business even in a challenging economic climate.

In this post, we will look at three key steps that will enable you to expand your venture without risking its future:

  1. Make Organic Growth Your Priority

We have already touched on the importance of organic growth, and this ensures that your business expands at a rate which is sustainable. This guarantees the integrity of your investment, and ensures that your business grows at a rate that can be managed internally.

One of the best ways to achieve this is to invest in regular, independent audits of your business finances. This enables you to evaluate the accuracy of your financial statements, while also making it possible to appraise the impact that additional work would have on your bottom line.

More specifically, you could assess the cost bases associated with undertaking extra work and balance this against potential profits, helping you to scale your plans as effectively as possible.

Regular audits may also help to improve your financial reporting process, while identifying opportunities to reduce operational costs.

  1.   Invest More in Strategic Costs Such as Marketing

Reducing operational costs is important, and not only because this reduces your total expenditure. This also boosts the cash flow in your business, creating additional capital that can be reinvested into strategic costs and disciplines.

Take marketing, for example, which is a strategic cost base as it has a direct impact on your ability to boost turnover. Successful marketing is also central to organic growth, so by investing more into on and offline techniques you can drive expansion and boost your commercial prospects.

Investing in sales represents another strategic move that empowers sustainable growth, particularly if you can identify more efficient ways of distributing products (or services) and reaching out to new markets without spending outside of your means.

  1.  Consider Temporary Solutions as you Look to Trigger Growth

Having an agile and flexible business model is central to sustainable growth, so it is important to seek out temporary solutions as you look to trigger initial expansion.

If you are looking to take on additional work or orders, for example, it may make sense to create a temporary workforce that is employed on the basis of each individual project. While you would retain a core strategic team of permanent workers, you could also access a global pool of freelance talent in a bid to reduce annual costs.

Similarly, retail outlets may want to expand onto the high street, while remaining loathe to invest in a costly commercial lease. In this instance, temporary pop-up spaces provide a cost-effective solution, but one that still allows you to access a large and motivated customer base.

These outlets can also be hired on short-term leases, minimising your long-term investment and affording you flexibility in terms of how you shape your expansion.

This Is Why SEO Is Important For Your Small Business

Why should any small business owner concern himself or herself with search engine optimization – or SEO?

Plainly, it’s because they want to provide site visitors with a fantastic user experience – one that is so phenomenal that it’ll make heads spin – well, not literally. But the impact should be so powerful that these visitors will wish to tell others about the site and spread the word: That’s the ultimate goal here, after all, is it not – to attract new business from wherever one can? Since you’ll want to provide top search engines – such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo – with critical information to better place your site within the top five spots within the returns page.

A search engine’s job is thus to take any information typed by the user and to locate the sites most relevant using the same keywords. Simply, if you’re not engaging in SEO, then you’re likely not on the first page of search results – the other company probably is. By paying for such search engine marketing, you remain competitive with the other small businesses while giving the brand’s name its proper exposure 24/7. In this way, you’re most likely to gain new customers – perhaps even as you sleep. Let’s review what a quality SEO service may do for you as you catch those zzz’s…

Five Benefits of SEO Marketing

  1. An Optimal User Experience

SEO’s ultimately about providing users with the friendliest, fastest and best experiences possible. A search engine seeks to provide each user with exactly what he or she is looking for – when it is successful, both parties are happy. Happy visitor turn into a returning visitor – see how it works? It’s quite simple logic, isn’t it?

  1. Optimal Reach of Influence and Impact

People unconsciously trust in search engine results to deliver each time and not to ever fail them. If Google places Joe’s Lobsters, for instance, at the top of a search, then it’s likely earned such a place and must therefore be a quality business. The user will then tells each friend on Facebook or Twitter – that he’s going to Joe’s – and then invites them all in turn, leaving the link for each friend to click on as well.

The laws of math work pretty quickly; before you know it, hundreds of hungry teenagers show up at Joe’s Lobsters. Why is this? It’s simply because search engines matched all information perfectly, and they all pointed to Joe’s.

  1. Optimal Conversion Possibilities

Internet marketing, especially SEO, will usually attract those who are already seeking a specific product or service. You do not need to scream, dance, or even wear cool clothes from the ’80s to gain your audience; they’re already convinced of the need, and that’s why they searched in the first place. Bold print ads, placed front and center within a magazine, are no longer required. You simply need to present your small business within one of the top five results. Customers were seeking you, and you delivered right on time.

You still need to convince them that you’re the better company to buy from; yet, half the battle is won. Once they visit your website – if you’ve invested into the same tedious work that involves optimizing the user experience through providing the content most sought – then you’re well on the way to gaining new customers.

  1. Optimal Brand Awareness

As stated in the second point, people greatly trust search engine results, even if unconsciously. If Joe’s Lobsters is number one, then it serves the best seafood. Yet most users don’t merely run over to Joe’s within the next hour and purchase a dozen lobsters. They do, however, file the information somewhere or bookmark the site for an upcoming visit. They clicking around the Internet multiple times prior to their final decision.

If your site employs top-notch SEO services, then ask yourself: How often might each user see your company’s name while conducting a search? What if the company’s information came up three of the five times that they searched for the desired product? The next thing you know, they’ve clicked through to your site and remained there.

  1. Optimal Customer Insight Provided

If your website remains properly optimized, then it’ll increase the overall search engines’ visibility, usability, and credibility – which finally increases all traffic entering your site. Imagine: Now that you enjoy higher amounts of visitors, Google Analytics – which every site should work alongside – may track valuable information about each visitor. Find out which browsers they use, what keywords they enter, the technology they employ, their geographical locations, the days and times in which they are the most active and even how much time they spend on certain pages; the list goes on. This information may help you discover what your target market is and how to better hone your advertising to determine fact-based strategies as opposed to educated guesses. The better you learn your audience, the better products or services you’ll provide, and thus the higher the ROI.


SEO’s no option for businesses seekalways ing competitive growth with rapid re importantturns on investments. Also, if your site doesn’t contain viable content, then no amount of money or time spent on SEO is of use. Content remains king. When used with similar marketing tools, SEO provides increased visibility, traffic, credibility, branding solutions and help in gaining insight regarding customer behaviors and trends.

It’s possible to remain on Google’s first page. SEO business marketing engines can also remove the roadblocks that prevent you from sitting in such a cherished spot among the besGetSEO ex!erts may analyze your site to provide full reports on where you stand and can make recommendations for immediate implementation. Get noticed. Find visitors. Increase sales.


Cultivating a Healthy Workplace with ValueMags

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company based out of Chicago, Illinois. They specialize in print entertainment. To be more specific, magazines. The small company partners with magazine publishers and offer free magazines to these magazine publisher’s clients. The company works towards not only promoting magazines but acquiring new clients for ValueMags’s main client: magazine publishers. Among the many aspects of their company that employees praise ValueMags for, employees are especially please with the overall company environment. There are many benefits of a healthy workplace. The most important and most recognizable is a successful company. In short, a company with happy employees also has performing employees. If employees are happy with their job, they will work towards a common goal of success with their colleagues. Some of the factors of cultivating a healthy workplace include:

  • receiving positive reinforcement for work done. This could be in the form of bonuses of “employee of the month” awards
  • having a feeling of acceptance, understanding, belonging
  • promoting positivity and feeling a positive vibe in the workplace
  • getting along with one’s colleagues and bonding in and out of the workplace
  • feeling safe and secure physically, financially, and socially
  • having access to helpful resources or having the opportunity to say whether of not they need other or better resources

Many companies have trouble doing the simple list above. ValueMags is one of a few that has it down because they work with a tight and small team of individuals. Small teams allow for more effective work to be done. Contact ValueMags to understand what the best approach is to developing a similar environment.

Get The Best Fireworks For Sale At Discounted Prices From Reputed Online Stores

Now when you have an event coming up, it is important for you to make it special. You can do so with the aid of fireworks. Luckily, thanks to online resources you are able to get a wide array of fireworks from online websites. These websites make the purchase of fireworks very simple and easy for you. There are some websites that procure the fireworks directly from the manufacturer and they give you them at discounted prices. This does not mean that these fireworks lack the safety and the quality you deserve. They are directly procured from factories and delivered to customers fresh from the warehouse. The best part of these websites is that you are able to shop for all the fireworks you want from the comforts of home without any kind of worries at all!

How do you choose the best fireworks website on the Internet?

When you are looking for an  online fireworks store at discount prices , it is very important for you to research well and ensure that you buy these fireworks from credible websites without hassles at all. When you are looking for the best websites for purchasing fireworks, it is prudent for you to read customer reviews and testimonials so that you get the best fireworks for your personal and professional events. When you are looking for credible websites ensure that you go through the product descriptions carefully. You must know what the fireworks contain when it comes to sound and color.

Ensure that the website gives you safe fireworks for the event

When you are buying products from an online fireworks store at discount prices, you must ensure that the fireworks are safe. The last thing that you want is the fireworks having problems at the final hour. It is prudent for you to always shop compare when you are looking for fireworks for sale at discounted prices. Ensure that you carefully go through all the websites before you make your final decision.

Buy fireworks in bulk and save lots of money!

There are some websites that ensure you get attractive discounts when you buy your fireworks in bulk. They ensure that you save both money and time. When you buy fireworks from a single source you get the advantages of getting a wide array of fireworks like missile fireworks, sparklers, Roman candle fireworks and more. All of the above fireworks have unique features and this is the reason why you can bank on them for making your event a spectacular one.

Always remember that when you buy from an online fireworks store at discount prices, take your time. You should never rush – if you are not careful you will land up with low quality fireworks. Get the best ones for your needs and ensure that your event is made memorable with their presence. At the same time, check the prices and the safety guarantee of the website so that you know that you have safe fireworks that will not cause accidents or injuries at all!

Brand Consultants, What Can They Do For Your Business

As much as you might think ‘I can do it all by myself’, sometimes you just need to think outside of the box, and let somebody else help you. This is why, it is wise for you to call a brand consulting agency, where you can hire a great expert to help you start your business and make it grow.

‘Branding’ is not something only big businesses do, which is where a lot of small business make their first mistake. Usually, it is associated with flashy advertising campaigns, which makes them seem not affordable for a business that is somewhat small.

Advertising is not all there is to the branding of a company, it is more about how you want your business to interact with your customers and clients. While you will need a logo to represent your firm, it is still not all about the looks, because you will be remembered by how you talk to your customers as well.

Branding mistakes small businesses make

One of the biggest mistakes that a small business can make is to ‘think too small’. Many customers will not pay attention to the size while making an important decision, as they just want to be offered good customer support service, while they deal with a professional business.

Branding assistant

Usually, when you start a business, and you start it with passion while fulfilling your life’s dream, that mean that it will be very difficult to just look at your business objectively. This is where your branding consultant will step in. As soon as you start making rash decisions, and you start taking declarations to heart, your consultant will be there to snap you out of it.

However, just because they are here to suggest new and creative ways for you to brand your company, that does not mean that your marketing and branding consultant will not listen to you as well. Finding a compromise is how everything should be done because this is your business.

However, for a consultant to recommend the best strategy, he/she needs to know more about your business in general. This means that you will have to build a relationship with your consultant and tell him the story of your business, where you want it to go, and where do you see yourself in the marketplace.

Do not take it personally

When you are passionate about a certain project, it can be quite hard to just step back and look at it objectively.  This is why people tend to ask their friends, family members or even consultants about their opinion on the matter; but, be careful of collecting too many opinions.

Since friends and family can usually give you advice that is contradictory and it can drive you crazy, it is highly suggested that you pick out few people you trust, and let them be your sounding board. ‘No great firm ever made everyone in the conference room happy’ – is something that will help you through all of this.

Final word

Since making your own business can be a passionate thing for you, having somebody to look at your decisions objectively, can be very useful. So if you want to succeed, you should call the brand strategy consulting firms, and hire your perfect branding consultant.

Managing Relationships through Technology

For a company like the Reputation Management Company New York, relationship management is something they take pride in for their business to work. The term relationship management means that you have a collection of activities that build and maintain ongoing, mutually beneficial ties with customers and others including businesses. Relationship management these days depends on technology especially for this company since they deal with ones online reputation problems.

For a reputation management company one smart thing to do is a strategic alliance, which is basically a partnership, which involves an affiliation of two or more companies that help each other achieve common goals. Strategic alliances are important to form a create competitive advantage for the businesses involved.

Changes in the Workforce

Technology has intensified the hiring challenge requiring workers to have advanced skills. This is manageable due to the fact that there is an increasingly diverse workforce and employee teams usually consist of different genders, cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds, ages, and physical and mental abilities are more effective. A lot of companies use outsourcing to perform certain tasks that would take them longer to do and this is the use of outside vendors to produce goods or fulfill services or functions that were previously handled internally to another country. Some changes in the workforce also include the changes in leadership including vision, critical thinking and creativity and have the ability to lead change. Having a strong leader is what makes a company admired since they are able to motivate employees, which leads to greater outcomes with their customer interactions. A company can also become admired if they have solid profits, a stable growth, a safe and challenging work environment, high-quality goods and services and if their business ethics and social responsibility means well.

Understanding The Term Innovation In Business!

Business people are often told that innovation is important for their business and financial success. However, when it comes to the term of business innovation, it is important for you to understand what it means precisely so that you as a business owner can reach and accomplish your goals with success!

Business coach and consultant who shows you the path

Emile Haddad is a top business coach and consultant in Settle in Washington. He says that when it comes to business success and excellence, it is important for you to embrace technology and use it in innovation.

Many business owners visit the Emile Haddad Seattle office where he guides and counsels them on the importance of business innovation for success. He says that if you look at technology today, it has grown to a very large extent and its pace has prompted many business owners to take a look at the assets they have. This helps them on how to deal with their companies and businesses. He says that when it comes to actions there is always a self-impulsion to do things quickly. In fact, most business owners consider speed to be essential for the progress and the development of a business. This thought also influences the way business leaders and experts define innovation. Here, speed is generally translated into innovation.

Managing business competition

He says that if you take a look at companies today, you will find they are constantly in competition with one another. At times, they are in competition with themselves in order to introduce something new and real in the market. Now, this is understandable however some experienced and credible business coaches like him see that business leaders are getting into innovation in some areas where they really do not need to.

It is here that the real essence of innovation comes into play- innovation implies the ability to adapt and change under specific circumstances. It has an element of freshness and it does not mean you need to invent new practices. Besides innovation for the success of your business, it needs to be done in a consistent manner. It is here that several businesses fail and this results in the situation becoming worse, complacent and the unit getting de-motivated to move ahead.

So what does innovation mean?

Innovation means constantly looking at the decisions, events and the actions that affect the prospects of the company. It involves looking at the scope of interdependencies that are in the company and between the key partners. It also implies understanding on how the business operates and creating strategies that will strengthen its policies towards growth and development. It is important for entrepreneurs who are using innovation to be excited about the affairs and the state of their business. They should always be on the lookout as to what can be improved and made better.

Emile Haddad says that if you really want to have success in the business arena, you must keep the above in mind. It is crucial for you to have the guidance of a business coach who will show you the path. To know more on how to develop and improve your business, you can refer to the Emile Haddad Seattle blog.


Have a Look on the Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

Organizing a Christmas party in the corporate level is never too late or never too early. As because most of the companies, mainly those are located in the Toronto region is one of the important events of the year. Most of the companies that are located in this region plan the corporate Christmas early from the year so that it becomes perfect and most of the guests enjoy it to the fullest. The businesses start budgeting, planning, organizing and inviting guests for the party. Most of them also begin to book the location or event venue for ensuing that the reservations earlier. Even some of the venues demand early booking in advance. Thus, the corporate Christmas party ideas require advance planning and they should be implemented in the right way.

In the region of Toronto, there are several organizations that have arrived with the Ideas on how to plan a Christmas party for the corporate employees. One of the most important ideas in planning the corporate Christmas party is to hire the DJ. Almost all the DJ music services have made their name for entertaining the guests. They are working for years for entertaining the guests with the best music. The demand for the DJ services is huge in Toronto, so most of the corporate parties are hiring this service for making a difference in the party.

While hiring the DJ service, it is very important to keep in mind certain points that will help you to make the right choice. There are DJ services in Toronto those cannot entertain or continue the party even after having many years of experience.

When you are thinking to organize a Christmas party or corporate events, you may be thinking what can be best decision to proceed? You will certainly require gifts, venue, catering and entertainment and the list continues. But, everything you should want to do in your budget. Thus, when you are thinking to hire an event organizer, you can definitely contact Pop Events Group, the best one in Toronto. This organization is having many years of experience and decorates various type of parties like the corporate and kids’ parties.

What to Do When a Client Doesn’t Respond to an Invoice

Surviving from month to month is difficult for many independent contractors. Unable to depend on regular salaries, these individuals count on clients to process payments in a timely manner upon receipt of their invoices. Unfortunately, not all clients are equally cooperative in this regard. As any independent contractor can confirm, invoices are ignored for a variety of reasons – many of which are perfectly reasonable. If unresponsive clients are a consistent problem for you, make sure to take the following steps the next time one of your invoices is ignored.

Promptly Resubmit

If a client doesn’t respond to your invoice within 24 hours, it’s in your best interest to promptly resubmit it. A lack of response can often be attributed to an overactive spam filter or the client simply failing to notice your message when perusing his or her inbox. More often than not, resending your invoice will produce the desired results. Additionally, take care to use a professional template when putting together your invoices. If you’re currently without a suitable template or in the market for a new one, you can download this professional estimate for free.


Call the Client Directly

If resubmitting your invoice doesn’t work, place a call to the client – or to your contact at the client’s business. In all likelihood, your messages were detected as spam, and a quick phone call should immediately get things back on track. When contacting the client, you should go into the phone call assuming there’s a reasonable explanation behind the lack of response. As such, adopting a combative tone right off the bat is practically guaranteed to make things worse for you. Professional courtesy dictates that you conduct yourself in a polite, composed manner when dealing with clients – particularly those you wish to work with again. You have every right to be frustrated, but projecting this frustration onto your client isn’t likely to end well for you.

Contact the Client Repeatedly

If the matter isn’t cleared up after your initial phone call, it behooves you to remain vigilant. In this situation, it would be a good idea to start calling the client and resubmitting your invoice every few days until you see some action taken on their part. If the client remains unresponsive, start contacting them every 24 hours. As time wears on, your correspondences should take on a progressively firmer tone. If you’re still doing work for them, inform them that you’ll put the brakes on all outstanding projects until your payment is processed. Should this prove ineffective, consider threatening to no longer work with them and/or take legal action against them.


Not being able to depend on a regular salary can make life very difficult. That being the case, it’s no wonder so many independent contractors are adamant about collecting their payments in a timely manner. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, some invoices still fall by the wayside. In the event that a client is unresponsive to one of your invoices, taking the steps discussed above can prove helpful in clearing up any misunderstandings.


Every day, on our way to work, to college, to the gym, while we walk our dogs or while we have a stroll with our loved ones, we pass by various small businesses. Bakeries, barber shops, cafes, drug stores, retail stores, hair salons, grocery shops, deli shops and other, often family run, firms. We consider them to be a part of our every day surroundings. A part of our community and everyday lives. But little do we know, those small, often family run businesses are the bread and butter of the whole economic system. Their existence in our everyday lives is not something to be taken for granted.

What exactly is a small business you ask? A small business is an entrepreneurship that is run and owned by a private person. Such businesses usually have a small amount of people employed. More accurately, in the United States of America, small business is one which includes a certain number of workers or a certain annual income. Under those two criteria are the following:

Manufacture with a maximum number of workers from 500 to 1500
Wholesaling with a maximum number of workers from 100 to 500
Services which have an annual income from $2.5 to $21.5 million
Retailing that has an income from $5.0 to $21.0 million
General and Heavy construction which annual income cannot surpass $13.5 to $17 million
Special Trade Construction where annual income cannot go over $7 million
Agriculture business which annual income can be from $0.5 to $9.0 million
Ok, now that we have clearly defined what small businesses are, let’s find out, why they are considered to be the engines of a prosperous economy. If you are not an expert in economics, the importance of a small business may come to you as something not so obvious. Because of the very fact the small businesses are, well, small. So, at first, it may be hard to see the value of their role in the economy. But you know what they say? Often very powerful things come in very small packages. And that is exactly the case with the impact of small businesses on the economy of the United States.

Between 25 and 27 million of small entrepreneurships are responsible for the existence of 60 to 80 percent of jobs in America. Small businesses have a 50 percent success of maintaining in the first years since the founding. Also, some recent studies have shown that small businesses give more patents than bigger companies. We may all think that the big companies are the ones that drive the economy. But, in fact, over half of the country’s working population is employed by a small business firm. The reason for this is simple. People are naturally production orientated, they have ideas, thoughts, and they should be given a chance to put those ideas to work. The benefits of that are multiple. The economy has a new startup company. We have a factor of self-employment and the opportunity for new job positions. And the economy has another player with a certain market. Even the Obama Administration has focused on supporting the further development of small businesses.

Finally, we have established and explained the value of small businesses for the American economy. The next step would be to ensure that those entrepreneurships get what they need to grow or to get founded. What would be the resources they need so that they could survive and keep up with the volatile economy? Generally speaking, we need to provide them with the right climate in which they can successfully operate. In order to do that, small businesses should have easy access to various business advisors and capital investment funds. Also, the policy of small regulations and a less complicated tax structure could give small firms a boost. Nowadays, there are different programs and organizations around the US that provide support for the new and existing small companies. Those programs provide tools for smaller companies to become sustainable or remain sustainable and profitable. So, if you are looking to put your idea into a business venture, now would be a great time to do it.